10 Most Important Chat, Text And Messaging Etiquette

Chat or Messenger apps offer a cool way to communicate. But as with all communication, there are certain etiquettes that we must follow. However, there are some who do not follow them. These are what I would consider the most serious breaches of chat or messaging etiquette.

Chat, SMS and messaging etiquette

1. Most common Discuss or Violators of messaging etiquette are those who ignore the status, and just go ahead and start chatting. In fact, these days, very few good souls actually respect the “Do not disturb” sign.


The best way in such cases would be to send a “Ping me when you’re free or availableKind of message and let go. This then lets the person know that you want to communicate with them.

2. You can be available for say 5-10 minutes only, and here you have guys who want to ask you questions and ask for interactive help. Ask “Free for x minutes? » the first would be fine. Or consider and see if an email would be a better option here. Most of these wanted guys then still chose to stay offline.

3. Using caps or caps lock is a strict no-no and a safe stop.

4. The impatient ‘nudges. They keep nudging you, unaware that you may be busy chatting with someone else or busy with other work. An instant response is what they expect, and if they don’t get it, a nudge is what you get!

5. Chatting emoticons. They communicate less with words and more with emoticons. It gets irritating sometimes, doesn’t it! ?

6. Unending ‘typists‘. All you see is ‘…is writing’ sign. Every time you expect him to hit the send button, you see the ‘ again.…is writing’ sign. Thinkers? Or just undecided?

7. If you have to be away, never leave your PC without a “brb“.

8. The Insensitive. Respect and understand the other person’s likes, preferences and dislikes. Over time, you get to know the other person’s preferences. It’s no use talking about the pros and con Windows with a Mac lover now, right? (On second thought, I’m sure he’d like to discuss the downsides).

9. Avoid using too many short texts. Not many people would appreciate a message like – b4, v USD 2 go 2 NY 2 C my brother and his flyunless of course you both prefer to use it.

10. Better not to use sounds in a public place. Doesn’t a noisy mobile user irritate you? It’s the same here! It is best to mute your speaker at such times.

And hey, it’s good to break them every once in a while. Me too maybe. But better try to follow them!

Can you think of anything else? Add below. Happy


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