8 common problems of mobile phone batteries are greatly solved!Adjust from usage habits to extend battery life

We will organize several small methods to help users improve the battery life of the mobile phone and prolong the battery life, so that the service life of the mobile phone can be extended.

After using the mobile phone for a period of time, the battery health will inevitably decline due to daily use, and sometimes the power consumption may increase greatly. If you want the battery life of the mobile phone to be longer, you can try to use the built-in battery maintenance of the mobile phone. Tools to protect the battery, or establish a more battery-friendly charging method to extend the battery health. In this article, we will organize a number of small methods to help users improve the battery life of the mobile phone and prolong the battery life, so that the life of the mobile phone can be extended. .

8Common Battery-Related Questions

Batteries can be said to be the lifeblood of smart phones. Although lithium batteries used in mobile phones have been developed for a long time, many people still do not know much about how to use lithium batteries. battery problems to help users adjust their usage habits and improve battery life.

Q1: Will fast charging damage the battery?

In recent years, the charging speed of mobile phones has developed rapidly. It has only been more than two years since the commercial use of 50W fast charging to the official entry of 120W fast charging into the market. Some manufacturers have announced that they will launch 150W charging technology, which can fully charge 4,500mAh in 9 minutes. Mobile phone batteries, 240W fast charging has also entered the laboratory test, but will such a fast charging speed cause damage to mobile phone batteries, or even have safety issues?

Taking Xiaomi, which currently provides up to 120W fast charging, as an example, its global spokesman, Daniel Desjarlais, said last year that Xiaomi’s fast charging adopts a dual-cell design, and the current input can be divided into two channels to charge two batteries, thereby shortening the charging time. Time, under Xiaomi’s test, charging with fast charging for two years (800 cycles), the battery health is still 80%; if compared with the current Apple charging specification that supports up to 27W fast charging, Apple’s battery design is After 500 complete charging cycles, the storage capacity can maintain up to 80% of the original capacity. Therefore, according to laboratory data, the speed of fast charging has little difference in the degree of damage to the battery.

However, the ideal situation is to use the fast charging function only when fast charging is required, but use a general charger to charge the mobile phone when charging for a long time (such as when sleeping at night), which can further ensure the health of the battery. .

There are a number of mobile phone fast charging technologies that use dual-cell design for batteries, with the goal of improving charging speed while ensuring battery safety and longevity.

Q2: Will using a non-original charger or charging cable damage the battery?

At present, there are many excellent mobile phone peripheral manufacturers on the market. They have a wide selection of charging cables and chargers. For example, the original “woven” charging cables are usually rare, but the elasticity and wear resistance of the braided charging cables are usually higher than PVC or PVC. The charging cable made of TPE material is better. In addition, in terms of charger options, most of the auxiliary factories provide more choices of different wattages and different output ports than the original factory. This is for consumers who have more than one device that needs to be charged. It can be said to be a major incentive for purchasing; therefore, when purchasing charging equipment and charging cables, the main consideration is not the original factory or the auxiliary factory, but whether the charging cable has passed the relevant certification. For example, the Apple charging cable must be at least Passing Apple’s official MFi certification, if you want to help mobile phones that support fast charging, you must also buy cables that can provide high current transmission. When purchasing a charger, you must at least pass the BSMI certification of the Bureau of Standards and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It is best not to buy charging equipment that is not marked with safety certification at all to avoid danger during use.

Q3: How to judge that the battery has aged enough that it should be replaced?

In addition to the battery has swelled, or the battery life is obviously insufficient, there is no doubt that the battery needs to be replaced directly, in what other situations do you need to replace the battery?

If you are using an iPhone, it is recommended to replace the new battery when the battery health is lower than 80%. Some Android models have a built-in mobile phone diagnosis function, which can determine whether the battery should be replaced with one click; If the battery will rise rapidly, the battery will drop rapidly when using, or the battery will automatically shut down when there is 10% of the battery remaining, which is obviously different from the normal battery condition, it also means that the mobile phone battery may be aging or have problems. On average, If the mobile phone is used for about two to three years, it will obviously feel that the battery is aging and should be replaced.

As for when is the best time to change the battery? Usually, telecom operators offer preferential battery replacement services three or four times a year. As long as you make an appointment, you can enjoy a preferential price for battery replacement. You may wish to take advantage of these opportunities to replace your mobile phone with a new battery.

If the battery shows signs of swelling, it is best to replace the battery as soon as possible to avoid accidents.

Q4: Will the operating system update affect the battery life?

Whenever an operating system update is released for a mobile phone, in online forums and discussion forums, you can often see users’ reactions that my phone “seems” to become more power-hungry. Become more power hungry?

Most minor version updates of the operating system are unlikely to make battery life worse. Even if the battery life is worse at the beginning of the update, after a few days of software reorganization and optimization adjustments, it generally does not affect the battery life. The battery life performance may also improve the battery life performance. If the battery life decreases after a large-scale update, usually the manufacturer will soon launch a new update version to solve the power consumption problem; but if the annual major version system update is indeed there It may be because the model in hand is older, and the battery life is not as good as the original. From the perspective of safety, the author still recommends installing it if there is an update, but if you are really worried about the battery life being affected, you can wait. Observe other people’s usage sharing for a while, and then decide whether to install it.

Both Android and iPhone have security updates almost every month, and sometimes better battery-saving technology.

Q5: Will overcharging the battery damage the battery? Does it have to be completely dead to charge?

In the past, the battery memory effect of the nickel-cadmium battery era caused many people to be accustomed to fully charging when they got a new electrical appliance, or to wait until it was fully discharged before charging. There will be a battery memory effect. In addition, in the process of battery design, manufacturers will also design battery protection mechanisms and control ICs to avoid dangers caused by overcharging the battery. It will affect the battery life. The best state is to keep the battery between 20% and 80% so as to prolong the battery life.

There is also a saying that wireless charging will affect the health of the battery, but as long as you buy a product with a brand and a safe design, you don't have to worry about this problem.

Q6: How to ensure the battery health if the phone is not used for a period of time?

Take Apple’s official website as an example. If you don’t plan to use your phone for a period of time, it’s best to keep the phone’s battery at about 50% before turning it off. You don’t need to fully charge or discharge the battery. If the mobile phone is stored in a fully charged state, it may lead to a continuous decrease in the battery power and shorten the battery life. On the contrary, if the mobile phone is stored in a completely dead state, the battery will enter a deep discharge state, making it impossible to recharge.

In addition, remember to turn off the mobile phone when storing, and keep the mobile phone in a cool and dry environment below 32 degrees. If it has not been used for more than 6 months, remember to take out the mobile phone every 6 months to fully charge the battery About 50%, so as to ensure that the battery will not have problems due to long periods of inactivity.

Remember to keep the phone battery at 50% before storing the phone, and keep it in a cool and dry place to avoid accidents.

Q7: Will charging while playing games damage the battery?

There is a saying that charging while playing with a mobile phone will damage the battery. More precisely, the temperature of the mobile phone will increase when playing with a mobile phone, and the battery temperature will also increase when charging. The best use temperature of lithium batteries is 0 degrees to 35 degrees. In between, if the temperature rises, it will indeed affect the battery health, so some people recommend not to charge while playing with the phone. In addition to charging while playing with the phone, charging with a protective case that will affect heat dissipation may also affect the charging. Battery Life.

Now there are many mobile phones that advertise that users can charge while playing through heat dissipation technology and charging efficiency distribution. It is recommended that users can play and charge while playing if the mobile phone is at room temperature, but if the mobile phone becomes a little hot, it is best to Take a break and let the phone cool before continuing to play. This will not only protect the battery of the phone, but also the performance will not be affected by the high temperature, and the game will be more enjoyable.

When playing a mobile phone while charging, the worry is that the high temperature will cause irreversible damage to the battery. Some manufacturers add better heat dissipation technology or temperature control design to the mobile phone to reduce this kind of situation.

Q8: Will using the phone in a high temperature environment damage the battery?

The ideal operating temperature for most smartphones falls between 16 degrees and 22 degrees, but there is no problem in operating between 0 degrees and 35 degrees, but if the mobile phone is exposed to high temperatures above 35 degrees for a long time, for example Putting it on an outdoor car in direct sunlight in summer may damage the battery’s power storage and prevent the battery from reaching 100% of its battery life. If you find that the phone has jumped out of the overheating warning during operation, it is best to immediately stop using the phone and put the phone on a comparison Cool in a cool environment before continuing to use.

In addition, charging in a high temperature environment may also damage the battery. Taking the iPhone as an example, when the phone thinks that the temperature is too high, it will limit the charging to more than 80% to protect the battery. As for the low temperature, the impact on the battery is relatively temporary, and it will resume normal operation as long as it returns to normal room temperature.

Taking the iPhone as an example, the overheating warning will pop up when it overheats, so that the user cannot continue to operate the phone until it cools down before it can be used normally.

Use the built-in mobile phone to achieve power saving effect

Not only do users want to improve the battery life of their mobile phones, but manufacturers will also try to improve the battery life performance when designing mobile phones to make users more willing to buy this brand of mobile phone. Therefore, most of the current smart phones have built-in various power saving function, so that users can turn it on according to their own usage.

Check your app’s battery usage

Sometimes the power consumption of the mobile phone is not necessarily a problem of the system itself. It may be that the app itself is designed to consume power or becomes power-hungry after an update, or the app has used the positioning function, or it is constantly running in the background, resulting in power consumption. Increase, then you can view the power consumption of different apps from the battery in the settings. If the power consumption of the app is too high, you can reduce its background activities, cancel its permission to access the positioning function, or directly delete the app to save power.

Checking the power consumption of apps can usually see which apps use how much power in the battery usage. LINE, Facebook, and Instagram that Chinese people love to use are all power-hungry.

Reduce the chance of constantly searching for Wi-Fi

Maybe you have noticed that sometimes when the phone is searching for available Wi-Fi in a new environment, the battery power suddenly drops by 1% to 2%, this is because the phone will increase and share when searching for available Wi-Fi. The frequency of communication will increase the power consumption. It is recommended that if you already know the name of the Wi-Fi you want to connect to, just click it directly. It will save power if you reduce the chance of mobile phone searching. After connecting to Wi-Fi, the transmission distance is different. Compared with the shortness of the mobile network and the low power, the mobile phone connected to Wi-Fi can usually save a little power consumption than using the mobile network.

If the mobile phone is used in an environment with poor mobile network, such as on the mountain or at the seaside, the mobile phone may also constantly search for a better mobile network, which will also increase the power consumption of the mobile phone. You can simply turn on the airplane mode, so that the phone does not spend electricity on searching for signals.

Activate power saving mode

Almost all smart phones will ask the user if they want to enable the power saving mode when the power is lower than 20%. If the phone cannot be charged in a short time, it is recommended to directly apply the power saving mode, and let the phone close the background of apps that are not needed immediately. Operation and notification reception to achieve power saving effect; if you want to achieve more power saving effect to extend battery life, some mobile phones also provide a super power saving mode, which will turn the screen into a dark color and turn off the The necessary programs to make the phone last longer.

Power saving mode Whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone, there is a power saving mode, which will limit the background activities of applications, reduce cloud uploads, etc. to save power.

Use optimized charging settings

Most of the mobile phones in recent years have been designed with an optimized charging function, so that the user will not be damaged due to overcharging when the user is plugged in the power supply all night. As long as the optimized charging is enabled from the settings, the mobile phone will automatically learn from the user. The charging habit of the phone turns into trickle charging after the battery is fully charged to 80%, and does not fully charge the phone until before getting up in the morning.

However, you should also pay attention to exceptions when using the optimized charging function. For example, if you usually get up at 8 o’clock to prepare for work, but you need to get up at 5 o’clock the next day temporarily, the phone may not know that it will fully charge you before 5 o’clock, so It is possible that your phone is only charged to 90% or 95% when you wake up, so in such exceptional cases, remember to turn off the automatic charging function before going to bed.

Optimized charging method Mobile phones now have AI functions that can learn the user's charging habits and adjust the charging speed to reduce damage to the battery when the phone is plugged in for a long time to charge.

Adjust screen lighting settings

The high-brightness screen is one of the reasons for reducing battery life. If you want to reduce power consumption, you can set the screen auto-off time to be shorter. For example, the screen will automatically turn off as long as it is idle for 30 seconds. In addition, some mobile phones provide Always-On display, Double-tap the screen to quickly light up the phone and other settings. Turning off all these convenient functions can greatly reduce the chance of the phone screen being lit, and can increase the battery life a little bit. However, if you really want to set this way to enjoy longer battery life, it is recommended If it is allowed, it is better to replace the battery directly or replace it with a new machine, otherwise it is not very convenient to use it with hands and feet.

Screen auto-off Smartphones are equipped with various automatic screen-on or constant-on functions, which are convenient but relatively power-hungry.

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