A Dusk Falls – The interactive story telling the intertwined destiny of two families scheduled for July 19, 2022

As Dusk Falls is a narrative game developed by INTERIOR/NIGHT. This independent studio is led by Caroline Marchal who was lead game designer for heavy rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

This interactive graphic novel with a very neat graphic style, follows the story of two families over a period of 30 years. Their destinies intersect in 1998 in the American hinterland, in the small town of Two Rock, Arizona. It is usually only a simple crossing point, but will be the place of a robbery in which the two families are caught. The Walkers, on their way to Missouri, have to stop following an incident on the road. The Holts, meanwhile, don’t seem to have any prospects beyond the small town.

Playable from 1 to 8, As Dusk Falls calls on a collective voting system. Each person chooses from the options given and the one with the most votes determines the action or dialogue. In case of a tie, the choice is made randomly. In addition to the decisions to be made, certain actions are done via QTEs. The game is compatible with keyboard/mouse, controller and mobile, via the dedicated app.

Playable locally and online (possibility to combine the two), the title also has a “Broadcast” mode. This allows you to stream by letting the viewers determine the course of the story. In this case, the person streaming performs the QTEs and has the final say on the choices made.

As Dusk Falls will be available on July 19, 2022 on Xbox One, Series X|S, PC, in Game Pass and in Cloud Gaming.

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