A fan built an Xbox Series X that stands over six feet tall

Michael Pick aka TheCasualEngineer, was inspired by his own attempts to microsoft to convert the xbox series x in a refrigerator; but then he was just as frustrated that the larger newfangled console no longer functioned as a console.

So he set out to do something even bigger and this time build something that was still a functional video game console. The result is a huge xbox series x measuring over 2m (6’5″) high and 1m (3′) wide.

Although this required less hardware wizardry than shrinking a PS5 in a box just one inch wide; There is still an impressive level of craftsmanship and detail that has gone into this build.

First of all, it works, you can connect it to a TV and play Halo in it without worry.

But Pick he also went to the trouble of developing the details of the console, like building replicas of all the correct ports and labels to put on the back of the console, which look great at their enlarged size.

This console is the Guinness World Record holder for the “Largest Xbox console

And if you’ve come this far without seeing it all and are wondering what happens now with such an absolute unit, the good news is that it has been donated to a YMCA in Atlanta so that children can play on a console of this magnitude.

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