A Football Manager player enters the Guinness Book: 416 seasons and UEFA license

Curious story that comes to us from Poland related to football manager video games, in particular with Football Manager, the popular Sports Interactive saga and Sega. So much so that a regular player – very regular, one might say – of Football Manager entered the Guinness Book of Records after completing 416 seasons with his club in the game, reaching the year 2434 in fiction. This is how the Guinness World Records portal itself collects it, devoting an article to such a virtual feat.

Stratospheric numbers in Football Manager

Thus, polcado Pawel Sicinski completed Football Manager’s longest game on record from January 2018 to date, completing stratospheric numbers only within reach of someone so dedicated to the cause. We are talking about 416 completed seasons, during which Pawel won 341 championships and 759 national and international cups, until the season of the year 2434. Will football still exist in the 25th century?

If we look at the evolution of his departure, Pawel began his career at the modest Swedish Syrianska FC until 2114, a season in which he made the jump to the Icelandic Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjaroar, a club that he led for 310 years and in which he won 301 leagues and 677 cups such as the Champions League, the Europa League or the Club World Cup. In total, the Polish player invested 316 days, which amounts to the same, 7,603 hours of play to achieve this feat.

Out of curiosity, Pawel managed to expand his Icelandic club’s stadium to 140,000, surpassing the population of his city, Reykjavik, by 18,000. It is understood that such a legendary club would receive fans from all corners of the planet. “What defines me as a person is my strong determination, motivation, patience and diligence to succeed and build football teams that always fight for victories, with a strong focus on strategy,” Pawel assured the Guinness Awards organization.

Although perhaps the most surprising thing is that his determination with the game earned him a C license as a real-life UEFA manager, also surpassing the previous record held by a German player named Sepp Hedel. , who managed to add 333 years to Football Manager. 2017.

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