Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud helps enterprises improve information security protection and ensure that critical business is not interrupted

Establish a remote backup mechanism,It has become the only way for modern enterprises to cope with natural disasters, human negligence, and information security attacks.Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud, which is represented by Zhanyangyun Technology, is in compliance with NIST specifications, and its functions cover advance prevention, in-process protection,Three major areas, including post-event recovery, help companies overcome budget and manpower challenges, and improve information security protection to ensure that key businesses are not interrupted.

In order to respond to sudden natural disasters, or human negligence,Information security threats and encryption ransomware attacks, resulting in data loss,Risk events such as business interruption or ransom loss occur, data backup and protection,become more important. In addition to following the “3-2-1 backup principle”, the “establishment of off-site backup mechanism” is even included in the necessary items of the company’s infrastructure construction.However, in the past, the cost of building a remote backup mechanism was very high.In addition to purchasing expensive hardware equipment, the follow-up maintenance labor costs are also expensive.

The latest Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud launched by Zhan Yangyun is a “pay-as-you-go” monthly lease.Assist enterprises to easily enjoy off-site disaster recovery services and multi-level information security protection,Let the enterprise within the existing information budget,You can enjoy the Acronis cloud disaster recovery service and at the same time curb the occurrence of information security threats,The best solution to strengthen the resilience of enterprise information security operations.

Once the enterprise leases the disaster recovery service, Acronis provides a secure connection channel between the personal device and the enterprise network. When a disaster occurs, theBusinesses can restore system operations and restore systems to any location in Acronis Cloud,In just a few minutes, operations can be resumed, ensuring real-time data availability. At the same time Acronis has a data center in Taiwan, featuring low latency and high bandwidth,Not only can the data backup time be greatly saved, but when the cloud disaster recovery service needs to be activated,It can also complete the failover work in the shortest time.So that businesses can resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Acronis Cloud Disaster Recovery Center has operationalAs a simple feature, data restoration and cloud disaster recovery can be performed with just one click.Greatly reduce the burden on staff. Another advantage of Acronis’ cloud disaster recovery service,It is to provide the lowest maintenance and operation cost, such as VPN network architecture is not priced, data upload/download and other traffic are not priced.In the absence of cost pressure, enterprises can also arrange disaster drills on a regular basis.Improve the speed of responding to abnormal events, enjoy data protection services,Avoid ransomware threats.

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