Adobe Releases Adobe Substance 3D, One-Stop Support for 3D and Immersive Experience Innovation, Advances Metaverse Development

Adobe has released a major update to Adobe Substance 3D, its one-stop tool and service for 3D content creation, through its developer-specific 3D Materials software development kit (SDK), new high-performance plug-ins, and its Painter, Designer and The Sampler app’s native support for Apple’s M-series chips enhances the extensibility and performance of Substance 3D.

Wu Zhenzhang, Managing Director of Adobe Greater China, said: “In the digital economy,Users expect instant, personal and digitally interactive experiences.As immersive experiences become more commonplace, brands that have built a rich library of 3D assets will gain a head start. So start accumulating build success now 3D and the experience of immersive virtual environments are very important. Get ready for the Metaverse,Not only meaningful for brands and businesses,It also provides important and new opportunities for practitioners in the creative economy. “

The growing importance of 3D and immersive content is driving strong demand for Substance 3D tools in the gaming, entertainment and e-commerce industries.3D content creation will continue to be a core skill for creative professionals as more brands begin to prepare for the metaverse and various immersive experiences. The Substance tool has seen strong 100% growth year over year and now has hundreds of thousands of monthly active users. Adobe has announced several updates to Substance 3D Collection, including:

Substance Painter, Designer and Sampler will be able toNative support Apple M serieswafer, allowing 3D content creators to work more efficiently. All three tools are part of the Substance 3D Collection, an end-to-end solution for 3D vision and experience.

To make it easier for users to use Substance’s assets, the new Substance 3D Materials Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to write plugins to use Substance in other applicationsance 3D Materials and Model engine. The new Substance 3D automation toolset gives users the ability to automate Substance files.

Photoshop of Substance Material pluginAdd to existing Illustrator plugins. Illustrator plugins are used by hundreds of thousands of users, which saves users time by eliminating a lot of work required to create materials, design versions, and 3D effects. An update has also been released for the Substance 3D plugin for Unity, allowing artists to load, apply and modify Substance’s parametric materials directly within the Unity engine.

Adobe will also release Substance 3D Modeler in the second half of this year, extending functionality to 3D sculpting workflows. Modeler introduces an intuitive approach to 3D modeling that frees users from the complex technical constraints of the past. Desktop and VR tools also bring a broader creative space to users, including support for creating concept artwork,Sketch and prototype, sculpt elaborate characters or props or even entire scenes, and more.

Adobe also showcased innovations from Adobe Research, including new ways to design,Create and create immersive experiences. Additionally, Adobe announced that the Substance 3D app will be available for free to teachers and students around the world.

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