Alan Wake 2 will not be released this summer: “development is progressing well”

Alan Wake 2 will miss Summer Game Fest 2022. Project lead Sam Lake confirms the change in plans due to the “effort” the team is putting into creating a public demo in full development. The decision was made in agreement with Epic Games, its publishers. The release is still scheduled for 2023.

The development of Alan Wake 2 “is progressing well”

Lake took advantage of the 12th anniversary spotlight of the release of the first Alan Wake to update on the status of the sequel’s development. “Everything related to the development of Alan Wake 2 is progressing very well. We are in full production, we have a lot of material and a large part of the game is playable, ”reveals the creative.

Showing it off in the summer market was one of Sam Lake’s promises when it was revealed, which dates back to the last Game Awards. However, he acknowledges that showing it at this time would take “several months of work coming out of development.” “We feel like we’re in a perfect situation and we want to make sure that we create the best first survival horror for Remedy. We don’t want to distract the team’s focus, so we’ll keep going and have a great experience, which unfortunately you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see a demo and trailer.

Alan Wake 2 Won't Air Summer Sam Lake

Along with the news, art sketches were shared where the fiction writer is the protagonist, which you can see in this news. The town that came with its reveal trailer just keeps gaining weight. About the game, we know that it will retain the first-person perspective of the original. Ilkka Villi will once again give the character a face, while Matthew Porretta will remain in voice acting. If you haven’t played the first game yet, know that a remaster will be released in 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Later this year, it will do the same on Nintendo Switch.

Source: press release (Remedy)

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