Alice: Madness Returns was temporarily removed from Steam due to a bug

Alice: Madness Returnsthe psychological hack-and-slash platformer from american mcgee, was removed from Steam just a few months after returning to the platform.

The cult classic from 2000 and its sequel from 2011, portray a dark and violent version of the typical story of Alicia in Wonderland.

In March, Alice: Madness Returns became available again at Steam after a five-year deletion, but now the game has been pulled from the platform once again.

As reported by the developer american mcgee on Twitter (via PC Gamer); According to the creator, a member of the study of mcgee, Spicy Horse, requested that Akaneiro: Demon Hunters be removed from Steam.

Nevertheless, Steam removed all games from the developer, including Alice: Madness Returns. Therefore, the removal of the title was a simple misunderstanding, and american mcgee is asking the developer of Steam, Valve, to help resolve the situation.

Yes ok Alice: Madness Returns temporarily unavailable Steam, is already back just a few hours after his disappearance; a new video showing Alice: Asylum recently showed the third entry in the series.

Taken from the game design bible; The video uses concept art to detail the narrative outlines and gameplay objectives set for the third game experience. Wonderland.

Apparently, Alice: Asylum will explore the five stages of dueling, likely turning these psychological concepts into twisted landscapes and terrifying enemies for Alice face them.

Nevertheless; american mcgee has yet to secure the rights to start creating a third game of Alice, so the project is just theoretical for now.

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