Amazon Announces Open Taiwanese Direct Purchase of Echo Series Smart Speakers with Alexa Built-in

Amazon today opened up Taiwanese consumers to order the Echo International Edition and Echo Dot International Edition smart speakers directly from Amazon’s official website. Currently, they can use English for voice control, use Spotify, listen to Taiwan news broadcasts and other functions.

Echo series smart speakers are equipped with Amazon Alexa voice assistant, users can ask questions by voice, Alexa can answer questions, tell the time, forecast the weather, set timers and alarms, play music, control compatible lamps in the home, make calls and send text messages Functions such as Echo or Alexa App to friends and family, which have far-field voice control function, even if the questioner is at a distance from the Echo speaker, the operation can be completed.

Taiwanese consumers who purchase Echo series smart speakers can use localized content, including:

  • Listen to local news such as TVBS, but also have access to international news stations such as Al Jazeera, Reuters and CNN.
  • Alexa is now more aware of festivals, currencies, locations, celebrities, etc. Users can ask: “Alexa, how much is 20 US dollars in NT?”, “Alexa, what date is Mother’s Day?” or “Alexa, who is the current president?” “.
  • Users can now listen to music from Spotify Premium or free accounts through Alexa, as well as local radio stations such as ICRT and 98 News through TuneIn.
  • Multi-room music playback—Users can group and sync multiple Echo smart speakers to play the same music in every room. More than two Echo devices can be grouped together by simply using the Alexa app and giving the group a name (eg “downstairs”). Once a group is created, just say “Alexa, play soft music downstairs” to sync it up.

Taiwanese users can access more English-language features through an online store in the United States, and the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) provides developers with technologies and services to create a variety of features, including common sense, quizzes, games, health, white noise, and more.

Echo International

Echo International’s spherical design and fabric finish look great in any space, and a bright LED light ring on the bottom of the unit enhances visibility through tabletop reflections. A built-in 3-inch woofer, dual-radiator tweeter and Dolby audio processing deliver outstanding sound quality, clear highs, dynamic mids and deep bass in stereo.

Echo also automatically senses the acoustic conditions of the space and fine-tunes audio playback. Users only need to order their favorite music, and the rich, detailed sound will automatically adjust to the space. In addition, the Echo has a built-in ZigBee smart home center, which can be used to connect and set up smart home appliances more quickly and conveniently, priced at $99.99.

Echo Dot International

The Echo Dot International has the same spherical design and fabric finish as the Echo, allowing users to use Alexa smart services in style wherever they are.Its compact size and built-in 1.6-inch front-radiating speakers produce crisp vocals and even bass for rich sound in any room of the home, plus a tap-snooze function for the alarm clock that lets users Get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning for $49.99

Amazon Announces Open Taiwanese Direct Purchase of Echo Series Smart Speakers with Alexa Built-in

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