AMD officially announced that Zen4 16-core Ryzen7000 is 31% faster than Corei9-12900K

A thousand calls began to come out. At the COMPUTEX online conference, AMD officially announced a lot of details about the 5nm Zen 4 desktop processor Ryzen 7000. In the presentation, AMD specifically mentioned that in the rendering software Blender, the 16-core Ryzen 7000 flagship SKU is 31% faster than the Core i9-12900K.

Although this year’s Ryzen 7000 has a native built-in RDNA2 GPU, Blender mainly eats CPU and memory, and it seems that the performance of Zen 4 is very exciting. At the same time, the same 16-core Zen 4 was natively accelerated to 5.5GHz in the “Ghostwire Tokyo” game.

According to the information released by AMD, Zen 4 adopts 5nm CCD+6nm IOD Chiplet design, that is, up to 16 cores and 32 threads, thermal design power consumption up to 170W, matching AM5 contact interface (LGA1718), native support for DDR5/PCIe 5.0 (24 graphics card/storage direct connection channels), etc., the single thread performance has been improved by more than 15%. In addition, AMD Ryzen 7000 desktop processors will be available this fall.

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