Apple Expands Today at Apple Creative Studios, Come Together in Taipei!

Apple announces the rollout of Today at Apple Creative Studios to more young creatives, with an expanded program offering career development coaching, training and resources across a broad range of artistic fields, including app design, podcast production, spatial audio production and New courses such as filmmaking. This year, it is also expected to be launched in seven cities including Nashville, Miami, Berlin, Milan, Taipei, Tokyo and Sydney.

Creative Studios classes are offered for free at Apple retail stores in select cities and are available with mentors from Apple and more than 30 nonprofit communities specializing in book and storytelling, app design, radio and podcast, and photography, film and television, and more partners to communicate. Participants can learn music, film, photography, art and design project skills, help to create more sophisticated. Last year, more than 400 young people took classes at Creative Studios and showcased the art of the participants through Apple TV, Apple Books and Apple Music. Those who are interested can go to to register.

This year, Creative Studios will enter its second year in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City, London, Paris, Bangkok, and Beijing. It is expected to be in seven cities including Nashville, Miami, Berlin, Milan, Taipei, Tokyo, and Sydney. roll out. Courses include:

App Design (New York)

New York-based Creative Studios is launching a new course this year to provide women and non-binary creatives with mentoring, insights and resources to help them conceptualize apps and drive social impact.

Apple Expands Today at Apple Creative Studios, Come Together in Taipei!

Books and Narratives (Miami, Washington)

Young creatives in Washington will hone their creative writing and visual storytelling skills by producing their own hard-page books, audiobooks and storyboards. In Miami, Apple and community partner O, Miami are launching a course for Black, Indigenous and other emerging artists of color to explore storytelling through the creation of miniature audiobooks.

Apple Expands Today at Apple Creative Studios, Come Together in Taipei!

Music, Radio and Podcasts (Berlin, Nashville, Chicago, Paris)

Aspiring musicians in Berlin will learn radio production while exploring exclusive topics under the guidance of inspiring mentors and working closely with Refuge Worldwide and Open Music Lab. Nashville-based Creative Studios will be partnering with the National Museum of African American Music to give attendees access to Apple Music studios focused on spatial audio recording. Participants in Paris will develop their skills in creative storytelling, audio engineering and recording through new courses focused on podcast production. In Chicago, young creatives from the Southwest Side will expand their narratives and stories around themes of belonging and identity through experiences that focus on broadcast production and audiovisual experimentation.

Apple Expands Today at Apple Creative Studios, Come Together in Taipei!

Art and Design (Taipei, Milan)

Creative Studios in Taipei and Milan will help mentors connect with aspiring young designers, explore identity, and think about how to design, create and promote content that represents themselves and their communities. In Milan, participants will have the opportunity to create an inclusive media landscape through a course led by Afro Fashion that celebrates the diversity of fashion, art and design; the course in Taipei will create a safe space for young people to Creativity explores gender and identity. These programs guide participants through production, provide mentoring and inspiration, and provide design industry resources and insights.

Apple Expands Today at Apple Creative Studios, Come Together in Taipei!

Photography, Film and Television (London, Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok)

Participants in London and Sydney will create short documentaries that explore identity, culture and representation, and gain feedback and insights from renowned artists, developing cinematography, directing and editing skills. In Beijing and Tokyo, participants will receive professional guidance and learn in-depth photography and videography to tell their own stories. In Bangkok, Apple has partnered with community partner Saturday School Foundation for its second year, giving young creatives the opportunity to explore a variety of Apple courses taught by the Apple Creative Pro team. This six-week in-store course will focus on photography and music composition.

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