Arbitrum launches airdrop to earn free NFTs

Arbitrum has announced a new airdrop where participants will have the opportunity to win NFTs for free. The event will last for 8 weeks starting at 12:00 on Tuesday, June 21st.

To be eligible for the first Arbitrum airdrop NFTs, users must use any of the listed bridges to move ETH to Arbitrum.

Bridges participating in Arbitrum Odyssey

What is Arbitrum and why is it important?

Arbitrum is a tier 2 solution from Ethereum. According to the company, the goal is to increase transaction throughput and minimize fees at the same time.

Currently, Arbitrum has more than 260 dApps and a TVL (Total Value Blocked) that exceeds BRL 10 billion. Furthermore, Arbitrum occupies one of the leading positions among tier 2 platforms on Ethereum.

How to participate in the Arbitrum Odyssey and win an NFT?

The Arbitrum Odyssey event will be divided into 8 weeks and participants will have to complete different tasks to compete for each of the awards.

The first week will start this Tuesday at 12:00 pm and end on June 27 at 11:59 am. This week is dedicated to bridges. The bridge that transfers the most amount of Ethereum to Arbitrum will be announced as “the most popular of the week”.

Users who use this bridge will be rewarded with some of the exclusive NFTs, designed by Ratwell and Sugoi.

All users can participate by exchanging any amount of tokens for ETH via the Arbitrum blockchain using any of the participating bridges.

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