Are Fortnite Skins Getting Slowly Lazy With Each Passing Season? The Community Weighs In

Fortnite is a game known for the variety of skins present in the game. From superheroes to comic book characters, the game has it all. Apart from these skins, the game also offers a host of original skins. Original skins are those not inspired by any other pop culture, music, or internet character.

Mainly, players can get their hands on in-game skins in two ways. The first method is to purchase these skins from the Item Shop itself. The second method is to purchase the Fortnite Battle Pass. After purchasing the Battle Pass, players will need to play the game and complete missions. Completing missions rewards players with XP, which helps them level up in the game and unlock cosmetics.

Each time players level up in Fortnite, they receive five Battle Stars. These Battle Stars can then be used to unlock cosmetics in the Battle Pass, with each cosmetic item having a different Battle Star cost. However, the community isn’t exactly happy with the Battle Pass skins, with some even calling the developers lazy.


Is the community unhappy with Fortnite Battle Pass skins?

Over the past two seasons, players have seen collaboration skins in the latest tier of the Fortnite Battle Pass. Premium collaboration skins such as Carnage, Doctor Strange, and Darth Vader were all end-tier rewards in various Battle Passes over the past few seasons.

In fact, it’s been a while since the Battle Pass has seen an original skin as a final tier reward. The last original skin that was offered as a final tier reward was the Spire Assassin skin.

While some of the community complained about the last tier skins, players also pointed out that the first tier skins were no longer interesting either. Although the Snap skin is good, players still feel that it doesn’t match the tiers of some of the older Tier 1 Battle Pass skins.

Here are some reactions from the community on the subject:

Interestingly enough, one community member pointed out that most people complained that they were tired of collab skins. However, if there was an original skin that they didn’t like, the community would react much harsher towards the developers.

However, this doesn’t seem like a legitimate reason for Epic Games to reduce the number of original skins or not have any original skins in the Fortnite Battle Pass.

Ultimately, Epic Games is a private company. Since Fortnite is a free-to-play game, game sales are not their main source of income. Cosmetics that people buy from the Item Shop are one of the few ways Epic Games earn from the game. The basic idea behind the use of collaboration skins in the Battle Pass is the fact that they are gold mines.

The developers have released popular collaboration skins in the Battle Pass which has attracted more players to the game. The community can stop buying the Battle Pass altogether if there is an original skin they don’t like not. To avoid this and maintain revenue, Epic Games can continue to rely on collaborations to create more fun and exciting seasons for players.

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