Balneário Camboriú will be the first city in Latin America with its own token

Balneário Camboriú will launch BC Token in September this year, becoming the first city in Latin America to have its own digital currency. In other words, the city of Santa Catarina will be a reference in the use of this type of technology.

BC Token will be developed by IHit Full HUB, with the aim of presenting a new option for exchanging assets.

IHit CEO Anderson de Almeida reported that the BC token could increase in value as it gains market volume and gains greater usability. According to Anderson, the intention is for the currency to add value over time as other digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, have done in the past.

BC Token Functions

According to the developer, BC Token will allow its users to:

  1. Make payments with ease.
  2. Make instant transfers to anywhere in the world using just your cell phone.
  3. Low transaction costs.
  4. Discounts on tourist and entertainment attractions in the city.
  5. Ease of exchanging BC for Real.

In addition, the BC Token platform will have commercial functions linked to Metaverse, such as virtual visits to properties in the city available for purchase, sale or lease.

What is IHit Full HUB?

IHit Full HUB is a startup that develops smart solutions for companies, focused on digital positioning and online sales.

BC Token is the first project of its kind at the company, however, Anderson Almeida informed that IHit’s plans also include the development and launch of new virtual currencies in other cities in Brazil during 2022.

Users who wish to purchase the BC Token will be able to participate in a pre-sale that will take place within the next 60 days.

The tokens will be sold on decentralized platforms with a value lower than the launch price in the month of September. However, no further details were offered about the pre-sale or the exact date of its realization.

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