Beijing Proposes New Regulation: Recycling Smartphones And PCs


Every year, billions of smartphones and personal computers are sold. Of course, billions of these devices already exist. Thus, there is an e-waste problem that the industry is now trying to stem. Apple says removing the charger from the smartphone is one way to reduce this waste. However, governments are now taking concrete steps to stem the situation. A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Market Regulation Administration released a draft for comments on the recycling regulations for electrical and electronic appliances. product waste.

The project clearly specifies the collection process. When recycling mobile phone(s, computers and other electronic products which involves privacy, the product recycling operators should clean the personal information of users. In this way, it will protect the privacy of customers and will not leak information. customer information to third parties.


Recycle smartphones and other electronic waste

In addition, operators of recycling electrical and electronic products should adopt various methods. These methods will provide users of electrical and electronic products with convenient and timely recycling services. There are also specific collection channels. Some “electronic waste” collection channels are resumption of recycling at points of sale; after-sales service maintenance recycling; community recycling; institutional recycling; Internet recycling and so on.

The draft states that the collection process includes the following relevant requirements:

a) Business operations specifications must be available for the collection process;

b) There will be no random stacking, dismantling or disposal of electronic waste

c) When collecting waste electrical and electronic products containing refrigerant, safety precautions should be observed.

d) In the process of handling, loading and unloading, waste electrical and electronic products should be prevented from being damaged and causing environmental pollution;

e) When recycling products containing user information, a complete cleaning of the device must be carried out.

f) There shall be no disclosure of customers’ personal information to third parties.

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