Binance will distribute BRL 250,000 in BUSD tokens in its new promotion

Exchange Binance announced a new promotion this June 21, where it will distribute a total of BRL 250,000 in BUSD tokens among participants. This promotion is valid for all users who try out the new features of “Binance Convert” between the 22nd and 29th of June.

Binance Convert is a service where users can exchange their cryptocurrencies for others in a matter of seconds. In addition to functioning as the main way to buy assets in Binance Lite mode.

How to participate in the Binance promotion?

People interested in participating in the Binance promotion will have to complete a series of tasks before 10:59 am on June 29th.

Binance also reported that there will be 3 ways to participate in this promotion, each with specific tasks and a jackpot.

The ways to participate in the promotion are as follows:

  • Trade and share.
  • Climb the ranks and win.
  • Special Rewards for Special Ranks.

trade and share

In this event, all users who accumulate a trading volume of at least 500 BUSD on Binance Convert will be eligible to share a reward pool of 24,800 BUSD tokens.

Climb the leaderboard and win

Users who complete a trade of at least 500 BUSD on any trading pair on Binance Convert will be eligible for this promotion.

Participants will be ranked based on their total trading volume during the activity period, and the top 15 users on the leaderboard will qualify for rewards.

A total of 16,400 BUSD will be distributed according to the following table:

Ranking in the leaderboard Reward in BUSD
1st place 3,000 BUSD
2nd – 3rd Place 1,500 BUSD each
4th – 7th place 1,000 BUSD each
8th – 15th Place 800 BUSD each

Special Rewards

In addition to the two previous possibilities, 100 users whose ratings end with the number “88” will also be chosen to share a prize pool of 8,800 BUSD.

These people will be chosen from the top 10,000 users based on their trading volume on Binance Convert.

How to use Binance Convert?

To use Binance Convert, you only need four simple steps:

Step 1: Access Binance Convert.

  • On the Binance website, go to “Transaction” at the top left of the homepage, then choose [Converter].
  • In the Binance app, go to Transactions, then choose “Convert” at the top left of your screen.

Step 2: Select the token you have and the one you want to buy.

Binance Convert

Step 3: Click Preview Conversion. Then see the transaction price quote.

Step 4: Finally, you will need to click on Convert.

The transaction takes less than a second and after being confirmed the cryptocurrencies you purchased will be in your wallet.

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