Black Panther 2: leaked low-res art of Namor that would confirm its actor

It looks like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will introduce the notorious villain/anti-hero – depending on the context and the story – Namor, the Atlantean King, to the MCU. So much so that since Black Panther 2 started to be talked about, the figure of Namor was part of all the hens. Shortly after, it was rumored that Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta (The Infinite Purge, Narcos: Mexico) would be tasked with bringing Namor to life. Now, some early low-res art has emerged that seems to address all of that speculation, even making sense of the character’s possible movie origins change.

First look at Namor from the MCU

So what appears to be an early concept image of Namor in Marvel Studios has leaked to the network of networks, despite the fact that the resolution is very low and his most prominent features can hardly be clearly distinguished, yes, that appears to be has finally confirmed that the character’s origin will be different in the MCU, since everything indicates that instead of descending from ancient Greece, Marvel Studios’ Namor will have Mayan origins, as suggested by the fuzzy outfit that one can glimpse in the picture.

All of this would indicate that, indeed, the one responsible for bringing Namor to life will ultimately be Tenoch Huerta. Even so, the character’s appearance will be quite faithful to his classic version of the 60s comics, since you can see a kind of green swimsuit with several golden bracelets on his arms and legs, even having a kind of spur.

There is even talk of two other Atlantean characters under the codenames Zyanya and Cadmael; Zyanya would ultimately be Namora, Namor’s cousin, played by Mexican actress Mabel Cadena. For now, these are just rumors and leaks, although it looks like the sequel to Black Panther is taking shape.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is scheduled for November 11, 2022.

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