Brazil and US exchange technical information to fight cryptocurrency crimes

Agents from the FBI, the US federal police, the CIA, the intelligence center, ICHIP and Homeland Security Investigations were in Brazil to exchange information with 80 agents from the Brazilian security forces.

The purpose of the meeting between the investigative bodies was to exchange information regarding the most modern procedures to identify criminal gangs and crimes committed on the Internet. This includes offenses involving the use of cryptocurrencies.

As reported by the Ministry of Justice, US agencies showed what the qualification process looks like in the fight against theft and illicit business with cryptocurrencies.

In addition, they showed how they carry out trace collection in cyber crimes and interrogation techniques.

According to the ministry, the first Conference on Investigation and Prospecting of Cyber ​​Crimes and Identification, Assessment and Prevention of Acts of Violence was held in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Porto Alegre (RS).

“We invest heavily in technical improvement so that security agents are up to date on the most advanced forms of repression and fighting crime. The crooks are acting more and more on the internet. Thus, we want to continue in the hardening of this practice”, highlighted Justice Minister Anderson Torres.

online robberies

Also according to the Ministry of Justice, occurrences of online crimes, such as theft of bank account data, cyber attacks, scams with digital currencies and money laundering are increasing. Therefore, teams must be qualified. This is what the Assistant Secretary for Integrated Operations, Bráulio de Melo, highlighted:

“Criminal transactions are already digital. To identify these tracks we need to evolve to act in cyberspace and the deepweb. With this technical and specific qualification, we make the best available to train our professionals.”

What the agents did in two weeks was show them how to investigate these crimes. In addition, they showed how to track and prove the authorship of crimes and to capture materiality data (authorship and evidence), with tools available in Brazil.

According to Leonardo Borges, head of the Criminal Organizations and Money Laundering Department of the Civil Police of Rio, the event was fruitful:

“We had practical dynamics, with real cases. We learned from professionals experienced in major cybercrime investigations,” he said.

The conference was a partnership between the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the US Diplomatic Mission in Brasilia. In addition, it had the support of the civil police of Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul.

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