Buzz Lightyear is the most popular astronaut in the world without having walked on the Moon.

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Toy Story: a shift in the history of 3D animation

It all started in November 1995, when Toy Story appeared on the screen, becoming in passing a reference in terms of 3D animated film. A revolution in the history of cinema, made possible thanks to waltz disney and Pixar.

Still, Andy’s favorite toy, named Woody was born out of this pivotal accomplishment. All while affirming in passing its darling status with this child with an overflowing imagination.

Same Mr Potato, Rex or Zigzag fail to upstage him on every birthday, until the day asophisticated astronaut comes to redistribute the cards, becoming the first toy to dethrone the cowboy from his pedestal.

Her name : Buzz Lightning !

Buzz Lightyear is Woody’s eternal rival.

Woody’s privileged statusdidn’t take long to be challenged by Buzz Lightyear.

Which will not fail to generate a rivalry between the two leading characters of Toy Story. This tug of war to conquer the heart of Andy having nevertheless had the merit of helping to popularize the two major protagonists of the animated feature film.

His electronic gadgetsultra-modern, his unshakeable confidence, his unfailing determination… so many defining attributes of Buzz Lightyear who participates in maintaining this competition between him and Woody.

Even if basically a sincere friendship will end up being born between these two toys that everything opposes at the origin.

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Buzz Lightyear is exported to the cinema and will be in theaters tomorrow

Without a bad pun, we can say that Buzz will stand on its own feet this Wednesday, June 22, becoming the main character of a highly anticipated animated film, mixing both adventure, comedy and science fiction.

We will thus be able to discover the different stages of the journey of our favorite space ranger, having served as a source of inspiration for many children since its creation. It is precisely at 4.2 million light-years from Earth that Buzz will try to bring his loved ones back to safety, after having failed on a planet that is hostile to say the least.

The arrival of Zurgof course in the company of his army of ruthless robots will not help the situation, even if the hard-toothed astronaut has more than one trick up his sleeve.

A remarkable passage on the big screen which clearly illustrates that the astronaut’s sphere of influence is vast, since he is also found in the booksthem video gameseven in the theme parks.

To infinity and beyond: Buzz Lightyear’s phrase that has become cult

Who can claim to remain indifferent to this sentence which plunges us instantly into the nostalgia. During our childhood, we have all said it dozens of times, as well as many of the cult cartoon lines.

The Toy Story saga has also been deeply marked by its footprint overall, by the personality of a Buzz Lightyear who never backs down from anything to accomplish his goals, as evidenced by another of his favorite phrases: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue.

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Buzz Lightyear: a colorful character

What instantly strikes the viewer with Buzz Lightyear is his overflowing humorwho incidentally reached new heights with his interpretation of a typical Spanish dance in Toy Story 3in the service of a scene whose quirky side is simply hilarious.

Her feelings for cowgirl Jessie throughout successive episodes also gives her character. endearing. Their very touching love story greatly contributes to increasing the Space Ranger’s sympathy capital.

The character who believes he is from the planet Morph is also distinguished by his sense of friendship highly developed. Impossible for Buzz to drop a loved one, at the risk of going to the front of problems.

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