Caterer Marketing Grants are here!Restaurant Digital Technology Oddle Shares 3 Marketing Mix Strategies

The Ministry of Economic Affairs proposed the[Marketing Subsidy for Catering Businesses Affected by Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia]but many restaurant business owners do not know how to plan a marketing plan. Therefore, Oddle provides 3 major marketing suggestions and reminds 6 major application details.

In response to the hard-hit catering industry, the Ministry of Economic Affairs proposed[Marketing Subsidy for Catering Businesses Affected by Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia]but many restaurant business owners do not know how to plan their marketing plans. Therefore, Oddle provides 3 major marketing suggestions and reminds 6 major ones. The application details, hoping to help catering businesses survive this epidemic.

The conditions for this subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs do not apply to the promotion of “delivery platforms”, so restaurant brands should direct customers to “self-operated online ordering systems (such as Oddle, iChef, Ocard, etc.)” or internal use , enhance the restaurant’s control over revenue, and use digital advertising or EDM e-mails to promote take-out and delivery with regular customers to maintain stable revenue. At the same time, Google My Business and Facebook can also be used to order food buttons to increase the natural flow of consumers and strengthen the order source of online food ordering websites.

Chain restaurants, top restaurants, high price per customer (above $2,500)

Budget suggestion: Marketing plan budget All In

For catering brands with stable operation fans and enough online fans, Oddle suggests that all budgets can be put into digital advertising (FB, IG, Google) to increase brand visibility, and remind all brand loyal fans to remember to come back to order food, and can also set There are special discounts for limited packages during the epidemic to strengthen communication and consumers’ purchasing motivation. Due to the high unit price of the customer, the full-cap discount is not very attractive to consumers, and they may worry that it does not match the brand image. If you choose “preferential items” in this subsidy project, you need to “register the invoices one by one” to the back-end system of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. , which will consume more man-hours, it is recommended to focus on marketing and promotion.

Independent restaurant, relying on in-house business, middle-to-upper price per customer ($800~$2,000)

Budget suggestion: comprehensive allocation of marketing plan + preferential project budget

For independent restaurants that usually rely on internal business, Oddle recommends restaurants to take advantage of price concessions (for example: 10% off when purchases are over, free side dishes with full purchases) to attract customers to order meals, and then use digital advertising to increase the chance of contacting new customers. However, special attention should be paid to new customers who will refer to the restaurant’s official ordering website and online reviews to decide whether to order. Therefore, remember to check the restaurant’s self-operated ordering website, whether the website interface is beautiful, whether there are clear and delicious food pictures, and Google reviews. Whether there are positive reviews and positive responses to customer complaints, etc., increase the confidence of new customers to transfer orders.

Oddle has observed that more than 63% of consumers feel more about giving side dishes than price discounts. Therefore, it is specially reminded that the program of gifting dishes can also be used to increase the motivation for ordering on preferential items. Confirm whether there are “discounts, credits, discounts” and other related items on the invoice, and remember to use the amount of credit to give discounts.

Most orders come from delivery platforms, and the unit price is close to the people (below $300)

Budget Suggestion: Discount Items All In

Since this subsidy case is not applicable to the promotion of delivery platforms, Oddle recommends that restaurants with most of their revenue come from delivery platforms, provide greater discounts, increase the price difference with delivery platforms, and make them more profitable on delivery platforms. Put the physical DM prints in the order of , guide customers to order food directly from you, take advantage of this subsidy to gradually cultivate their loyal customers, and avoid the partial eclipse of a single revenue channel.

6The most easily overlooked grant application details

  1. This subsidy is[after-the-fact grant]merchants must first bear the marketing costs themselves
  2. Applicants must have a[physical storefront]with actual food and beverages sold and seats included
  3. All discounts, promotions, and activities must be[retain the screenshots]
  4. The marketing proof must include the 【Promotion Date】and 【Marketing Content】
  5. The write-off must be within[one month after the event ends]
  6. If you choose[Preferential Plan]the invoice details must contain words such as[Discount, Discount]

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