China’s live broadcaster Li Jiaqi’s “Tank Gate” caused trouble, and has been “removed” and silenced for 4 days, completely unsearchable

Li Jiaqi, a live broadcaster with goods in China’s “Broadcasting Brother”, broke the taboo when he broadcast live on “Kaishou” on the evening of the 3rd, and the screen broke in seconds. Since Li Jiaqi issued an apology statement on Weibo on the evening of the 3rd, there has been no new news since then. Especially during 618, the most popular live broadcast, it can be said that every day is the peak of making money. It is obviously quite unusual that Li Jiaqi, the “first brother of live broadcast”, has been silent for so many days.

This incident is now called “Tank Gate” by Chinese netizens. The incident is that Li Jiaqi, China’s “Broadcasting Brother”, brought out Oreo biscuits during the “Snack Day” event on June 3 last week. A plate of “tank-shaped cake”, because the time is on the eve of 64, the timing is very sensitive.

And Chinese regulators don’t seem to be fuel-efficient lamps, and the live broadcast was immediately interrupted shortly after the tank came out.

Although in the golden schedule of 618, the live broadcast has not been resumed after the interruption. Finally, Li Jiaqi posted an explanation on Weibo at 11:00 p.m., “I’m very sorry, we can’t continue the live broadcast tonight because of our internal equipment failure, everyone rest early, products that have not yet been broadcast. , we will bring it to you in the live broadcasts in the future, thank you for your hard work.”

China's live broadcaster Li Jiaqi's

However, it seems that it may not be Li Jiaqi’s apology that can solve the problem. Because the above message is his last message, until today, June 7, his Weibo has not been updated.

Some political scientists said that Li Jiaqi is a so-called “post-zero generation”, so he may not know the meaning of displaying tanks during June 4th. This tank cake incident can be big or small, but judging from the fact that he disappeared for a few days, it is likely that he has been interviewed, and the future of live broadcast is slim. “It’s definitely over. If it’s not over, he will fade out of the world.”

In addition, according to Chinese media reports, searching for the keywords “Li Jiaqi” and “Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room” on Taobao Station in China found that there was no Li Jiaqi’s name or any related products on Taobao.

China's live broadcaster Li Jiaqi's

Before 618, Li Jiaqi would live broadcast on time, but this year is different. On the occasion of the 618 shopping festival, Li Jiaqi has not updated for 4 consecutive days.

Unlike Li Jiaqi, you can search for other live broadcasters and live broadcast rooms on Taobao station, and you can search normally. At this point, all content related to Li Jiaqi, including the live broadcast account and associated recommended products, disappeared.

China's live broadcaster Li Jiaqi's

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