Chris Evans Doesn’t Rule Out Returning To Marvel As Fantastic 4’s Human Torch

Chris Evans, the well-known actor who brought MCU’s Captain America to life for so many years, recently recalled his debut in the superhero genre as the Human Torch of Fox’s Fantastic 4, a role he remembers fondly and that he wouldn’t rule out a hypothetical return to Marvel at all. This was acknowledged in a recent interview with MTV on the occasion of her recent performance as the voice of Lightyear in the latest Pixar film, assuring “anything can happen”.

A Way Back to Marvel

Of course, Chris Evans’ words shouldn’t be taken at face value or thinking about a possible return as Johnny Storm now that the Fantastic 4 is set to return to the big screen at the hands of Marvel Studios. But when asked if he’d like to return to Marvel as the Human Torch, Evans doesn’t rule it out at all; and would even be interested:

“Wouldn’t that be great? Nobody ever asked me about it. I mean, I don’t look exactly the same. It was 15 years ago, almost 20 years ago… But I really like this character. I mean, I guess anything can happen. I would like, I would like. That would be an easier way to sell it to me than to come back as Cap, you know what I mean? “says Evans.

And it is that despite the fact that Evans did not end badly with Marvel Studios, he recently assured that to return as Steve Rogers it should be for something “really worth it”. This is how he recognized it again: “El Capi means a lot to me. And, you know, I wouldn’t want to ruin the precious experience that was. But Johnny Storm, I don’t think he became popular. That was before Marvel figured out a way to do it right. »

For now, Captain America’s next step in the MCU will be through Sam Wilson as the new Cap after the events of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Even if with the opening of the multiverse in Marvel, everything is possible…

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