Chris Hemsworth Reveals New Thor 4 Love & Thunder Info

The next MCU Phase 4 movie, Thor 4 Love and Thunder, is due in theaters on July 8. In a video posted on Twitter, Chris Hemsworth gives us information.

Thor 4 gets a new trailer

It’s the return of the God of Thunder since his last appearance in Avengers: EndgameChris Hemsworth, more muscular than ever, puts on his old costume King of Asgard for the next MCU film due out on July 8 in our theaters.

After having already presented a first trailer for the film, the promotion around Thor 4 is accelerating. It is in a video posted on Twitter that the interpreter of Thor speaks to announce the arrival of a new trailer.

The trailer unveiled during the NBA play-offs

In this teaser featuring Chris Hemsworth alongside Taika Waititi, the director as well as Tessa Thompson, the interpreter of Valkyrie, we now know the release date of the next Thor 4 trailer: Monday, May 23 for Americans, the May 24 for France.

The trailer will be previewed during NBA playoff games airs on ABC at 8:30 p.m. (US time). In France, night owls will have to stay up until at least 1 a.m. to hope to see the trailer. Early risers will have the pleasure of discovering it when they wake up.

The fastest promotion in history

Marvel’s agenda is particularly busy for phase 4 of the MCU. between the exit of Doctor Strange 2 and series she hulk as well as Ms.Marvelpromotion around Thor 4: Love and Thunder accelerates and jostles the other outputs.

As a reminder, the first trailer for the film was released on April 18, barely 6 weeks earlier than the release date of the second trailer. This is the promotional window the shortest in history for MCU movies.

New faces in the trailer

For the fourth God of Thunder movie, Thor 4 picks up some of the cast from Ragnarok with Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Korg played by Taika Waititi who is also the director of the film.

Other characters are making an unexpected return, such as that of Jane Foster, alias Mighty Thor played by Natalie Portman who has already shown his impressive physical transformation for the role. The film should also introduce Gorr Le Mouthr embodied by Christian Bale.

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