Coca-Cola withdraws from Russia, and Russian beverage companies take advantage of the situation to launch a copycat version of Coke to grab the market

As an alternative to big brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite, Russian manufacturers have launched “Coolcola”, “Fancy” and “Street”.

A Russian beverage maker has launched a new line of beverages to replace the iconic brand that withdrew from the Russian market after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Moscow Times reported.

The world’s top three soda brands have all but disappeared from Russian store shelves since Coca-Cola suspended its operations in March this year. While sporadic Coca-Cola products can still be found in stores, prices on those products have soared about 200 percent since the cessation of operations.

The Coca-Cola Company has disappeared from Russian store shelves since it suspended its operations in March this year.

Russian beverage manufacturer Ochakovo announced on the 16th that as an alternative to big brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite, Russians will be able to use “Coolcola”, “Fancy”, “Street” and other names similar to the above brands. Choose from beverages. “Coolcola” has “classic cola flavor,” Ochakovo wrote on its website. Meanwhile, the company’s bottled orange-flavored “Fancy” drinks and lemon-flavored “Street” drinks mimic the color schemes of Fanta and Sprite.

Ochakovo, founded in 1978 during the Soviet era, reportedly produces traditional Russian beverages such as kvass, a fermented grain drink, and mead with a low alcohol content.

The company isn’t the only one trying to take advantage of Coca-Cola’s exit from the Russian market. In April this year, Slavda Group, a beverage company headquartered in the Russian Far East, launched “Grink Cola” in an attempt to win the hearts of Russian soda drinkers. However, for some reason, the packaging looks more like soy sauce to us.

Grink Cola

At the same time, in May this year, in the Komi region of northern Russia, the Syketev Karpivo factory launched its own carbonated beverage brand “Komi Cola”.

Komi Cola

The two alternative brands, however, received mixed reactions, with customers complaining that the drinks from both brands were unpalatable.

  • News source: themosscowtimes

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