Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate is now available

This new collection is a crossover of Wizards’ two most popular products, Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. The well-known role-playing game becomes collectible cards so fans of both franchises can enjoy the best of each world.

In addition, in one of the most popular formats in the community, the commander, both in its presentation with a draft with peculiarities, which we will talk about below, as well as with pre-built commander decks and the already traditional envelopes.

Legends of Commander: Battle for Baldur’s Gate draft differs from normal drafts in that instead of one we choose two cards, decks are 60 or more cards, there are no restrictions on the number of cards. copies that we can have a card in the deck and is played in groups of 3 to 5 players, as in the rest of the commander games.

This collection brings new mechanics and brings back some that we had seen before:


Backgrounds are a type of enchantment, which gives a bonus to the commander during the game. Much like the D&D background is the character’s past, here’s what got Commander to where he is today.

Legendary backgrounds will be able to be used with the Choose Background ability, which allows you to start with the chosen background in the command area and act as second in command, while giving you the ability to extend your deck colors if that legendary enchantment has different colors than the commander.


The initiative is a designation that brings various advantages to the player who holds it, when one of the players takes the initiative he enters the Underground City and will do so again at the beginning of his upkeep each turn and on the other hand, more cards in the collection improves if you have the initiative.

Once a player has the initiative, there will be only one initiative designation for the rest of the game, i.e. if another player takes the initiative, the player previous loses it.

This can be achieved through a card that has initiative, removing it from the opponent inflicting battle damage to the player or if the player who has it leaves play, in this case the player taking their turn to that time will take the initiative.


Myriad allows an attacking creature with myriad to create a copy of itself for each non-defending opponent, and take turns attacking enemy planeswalkers or players.

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate is now available


On each quest card, you can choose to play either the endless spell or the quest spell, which is indicated by its own name, type, and mana cost.

And how could it be otherwise, in this edition the dungeons return, that as we go deeper we activate some advantages or others, and the dragons, in this edition we will find a multitude of mighty dragons and references to the heroes (and villains) of Baldur’s Gate.

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