Complete Achievements Guide for Broken Mind from 2BAD Games

Everyone welcome to this 1000G guide for 2BAD GAMES Survival/Horror/Action title. Directed by Tony DE LUCIA who gave us the immense pleasure and honor of joining us at XboxSquad SummerFest 2022 to present his game, Broken Mind will propel you into an investigation that will quickly echo your own past. Only one three-hour run will be needed to complete the title if you don’t miss the various collectibles or hidden achievements.

We will avoid revealing too many elements related to the scenario here so do not expect a complete roadmap of each puzzle but rather small nudges. Only a few snippets of history and puzzles will punctuate this walkthrough. The title is over in a handful of hours and the mechanics shouldn’t cause you too much trouble.

The first part of this guide outlines the achievements you will earn throughout the story, while the second focuses on detailing the secret achievements. You will also find indications concerning these, chapter by chapter so as not to miss anything. As the game does not have a level selection function, nor a manual save, you will have to start the entire title over again if you miss something. Stay tuned!

Achievements related to your progress:

When starting a new game, be sure to avoid the “Narrative” mode otherwise certain achievements will be inaccessible to you. If fast completion is your goal, go for “Easy” otherwise your preferred difficulty mode. Let’s go :

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