COMPUTEX 2022 is about to open: the epidemic accelerates the development of the metaverse and semiconductor innovation, unlocking future trends

The 2022 Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX 2022) will be grandly held on tomorrow (24),In conjunction with the two-week COMPUTEX DigitalGo online exhibition planned by the Foreign Trade Association, it will help international buyers and manufacturers to break through barriers and participate in the annual technology feast together.A global press conference was held at the Nangang Exhibition Center today.Digital Resilience of the Global Technology Industry”,Invited Peng Shuanglang, Chairman of Taipei Computer Association, Lin Baili, Founder and President of Quanta Group,Que Zhike, President of Delta Research Institute, Zeng Zhiguang, President of Arm Taiwan, and Sun Jikang, General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan, and other representatives of leading technology manufacturers,Talk about how the ICT industry has turned the epidemic challenge into an operational turnaround and created a better future through digital technology.

Huang Zhifang, chairman of the Foreign Trade Association, said: “The epidemic has impacted the supply chain and reshaped the international economy, prompting the global ICT industry to adjust its pace and face multiple challenges. COMPUTEX is also embracing the wave of digital transformation in a rapidly changing situation,After two years, it returned with a physical exhibition again.Construct a global technology ecosystem through a way of advancing both reality and reality. COMPUTEX 2022 will continue to create an international stage for forward-looking technology products,Join hands with global technology manufacturers to unlock future trends. “

Peng Shuanglang, chairman of the Taipei Computer Association, said: “Taiwan has the strength to integrate software and hardware,Talent and geographical advantages are the best place for international companies to develop the Asia-Pacific market.During the epidemic, the international market expressed urgent demand for Taiwanese products,It also proves once again that we are a proven and reliable partner in the global technology community.Welcome friends from all over the world to visit and seek opportunities for win-win cooperation. “

Epidemic accelerates metaverse development and semiconductor innovation Embracing digital transformation is the key to strengthening corporate resilience

Facing the challenges brought by the epidemic, Lin Baili, founder and president of Quanta Group, believes that,The demand for mobile computing and cloud computing has increased significantly in the past two years;The future market requires more innovative technologies to create new application scenarios.A more resilient global supply chain and time-to-market are the keys to success.

On the other hand, Zeng Zhiguang, President of Arm Taiwan, believes that the epidemic highlights the importance of semiconductors to the technology industry.Encourage more companies to use advanced semiconductor technology to accelerate innovation. Therefore, Arm continues to work with partners to redefine the future of computing technology and provide key technologies for AI, autonomous systems, cloud computing, metaverse and other needs.

Huang Zhifang, chairman of the Foreign Trade Association, emphasized that COMPUTEX 2022 will build a global technology ecosystem through the way of virtual and real, and continue to create an international stage for forward-looking technology products.

Facing the ever-changing political and economic environment,Building digital resilience will be key for businesses to grow steadily in the new normal.Que Zhike, president of Delta Research Institute, took his own company as an example. In the end-to-end business process, Delta actively strengthens digital resilience.Prepare and rehearse complete alternatives for key processes,Empower the company to respond to global emergencies. At the same time, Delta has introduced many IoT technologies to enhance smart manufacturing capabilities and enhance the operational efficiency of smart green buildings.Strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises.

Sun Jikang, general manager of Microsoft Taiwan, believes that companies can respond to this wave to build technological strength,Embracing the cloud and making good use of the opportunities provided by data will be the key to success in the post-pandemic era. With the gradual popularization of 5G and AIoT applications, and the acceleration of digital transformation by more enterprises,The digital layout will gradually change the operation and decision-making of enterprises, thereby strengthening the digital resilience,Turn challenges into opportunities.

Huang Zhifang, chairman of the Foreign Trade Association, said that COMPUTEX is embracing the wave of digital transformation under the rapidly changing situation and working with global technology manufacturers to unlock future trends.

The physical exhibition of COMPUTEX 2022 will be exhibited at the Nangang Exhibition Hall from May 24 to 27; the online exhibition DigitalGo will be held from May 24 to June 6, providing attendees with a more flexible viewing experience.For more latest news and details of online and offline activities, please lock the official website and the fan page of the exhibition community.You are also welcome to visit COMPUTEX 2022 online to make an appointment and register for a visit.

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