COMPUTEX 2022: KIOXIA’s full range of products are in full swing! PCIe 5.0 SSD, EDSFF SSD and XL-FLASH applications are the first to see, and the “Historical Tunnel”, which is the culmination of 35 years of innovation, has become the focus!

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the important international exhibition COMPUTEX, which has been suspended for two consecutive years, will return to the Nangang Exhibition Center for four consecutive days from 5/24 to 5/27 this year, and the global memory solutions manufacturer KIOXIA is also present. M0619a on the 4th floor of Nangang Exhibition Hall will display its latest products. This year also coincides with the 35th anniversary of KIOXIA’s invention of NAND flash memory. A “historical tunnel” has also been carefully built at the booth to condense KIOXIA’s history of memory innovation. , allowing visitors to learn more through interactive means.

In addition, this year KIOXIA can be said to be “full firepower” in the exhibition area. In addition to bringing a complete enterprise storage solution, it also brings a variety of advanced technology products, including SSD CD8 with PCIe 5.0 specification, and EDSFF E1.S and E3. Data center SSD XD6 and CD7 in .S form, and FL6 of XL-FLASH for ultra-low latency NAND applications, etc.

In addition, the KIOXIA exhibition area also exhibited the PCIe SSD BG5 series and the latest Gen5 XG8 series, and also debuted the consumer-grade SSD products EXCERIA PRO, EXCERIA PLUS G2 and EXCERIA G2 series, as well as the external EXCERIA PLUS mobile solid-state drive. , providing advanced users, content creators, gamers and professional workers with more choices of storage solutions.

A group photo of KIOXIA Taiwan's Chairman Kyohiro Yamamoto (left in the picture) and Huang Zhifang (right in the picture), Chairman of the Foreign Trade Association.

Interactive “Tunnel of History” to review 35 years of innovation history of KIOXIA

In addition to exhibiting KIOXIA’s full range of solutions, this year’s COMPUTEX exhibition area of ​​KIOXIA also created a “historical tunnel” area next to the entrance with ingenuity. Since this year is the 35th anniversary of KIOXIA’s invention of NAND, it will also be introduced in this section in detail. The creative evolution of related products allows visitors to “immerse themselves” in history, and can draw out the memory cards hidden on both sides of the tunnel to learn more about KIOXIA’s important milestones in memory technology innovation.

At the entrance of the KIOXIA exhibition area, the words KIOXIA's

In KIOXIA's historic tunnel area, the SD card modelling card on the wall can be pulled out, allowing visitors to view KIOXIA's innovative breakthroughs in different years.

Video: KIOXIA Computex 2022 Booth “Historical Tunnel” Area Introduction

First look at PCIe 5.0 SSD, EDSFF data center SSD and XL-FLASH pioneering technology exhibits

Through this year’s COMPUTEX exhibition, KIOXIA also brought the brand’s latest product technologies, including many industry-leading technologies, such as the world’s first data center SSD with PCIe 5.0 interface officially released in March this year – The CD8 series, with twice the bandwidth of PCIe 4.0 for more efficient transmission performance, can optimize workloads for large-scale data centers and enterprise servers that require huge computing applications.

KIOXIA CD8 is the first data center SSD product built with PCIe 5.0 interface and is expected to be officially launched at the end of the second quarter of this year.In addition, KIOXIA has also cooperated with a number of server and storage system developers to create EDSFF data center SSDs that can fully utilize the full performance of NAND, NVMe and PCIe, adopt PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 interfaces, and create a new form factor. E1.S and E3.S interfaces, including 2.5-inch CD7 and M.2-sized XD6, further reduce the size of the product while maintaining the original transmission performance, and can support hot swap, which is more convenient for servers The daily maintenance and operation can reduce the downtime. At present, this new specification has also been promoted in cooperation with a number of Taiwan system suppliers.

The EDSFF SSD series for data center applications features brand-new exterior specifications and excellent performance. Currently, it has cooperated with many domestic server and storage system brands.  ▲ KIOXIA XD6 and CD7 data center SSDs adopt E1.S and E3.S specifications, and product comparisons of different sizes are also provided on site.EDSFF data center SSD adopts KIOXIA's new E1.S and E3.S forms, and product comparisons of different sizes are also provided on site.

In addition, KIOXIA also provides FL6 made of XL-FLASH with performance between DRAM and NAND for applications that require higher storage performance, including the cache layer of storage servers, data hierarchical processing, and writing records. Through KIOXIA’s innovative BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology, combined with 1-bit SLC memory per cell, it can achieve lower latency and high performance, while also achieving higher storage capacity and more reasonable cost.

The application solution area of ​​the exhibition hall also displayed the FL6 of XL-FLASH technology, which provides data processing equipment with more complicated tasks and more emphasis on instant response efficiency.  ▲ Now you can also see KIOXIA's client-level SSD series products like XG8 and BG5.Now you can also see KIOXIA's customer-grade SSD series products like XG8 and BG5.

Complete enterprise-grade SSD solution for high-density storage and edge computing needs

For a long time, KIOXIA has created a variety of storage solutions to meet the needs of enterprise users, and also brought examples of server solutions from partner brands in the exhibition area, such as ASUS’ outdoor edge server ESR1-511-X4TF It adopts KIOXIA’s latest E1.S form XD6, which can be applied to specific remote application computing, and also meets the design requirements of the server itself, which is light, thin and compact, and the durability of the SSD itself also meets the extreme outdoor weather requirements.

ASUS's outdoor edge server ESR1-511-X4TF is small in size, so it is necessary to make the storage device thinner and lighter, and it also needs to meet the endurance and stability of outdoor transportation.  ▲ The CD7 for data center application positioning adopts the common 2.5-inch size, but adopts the new form of E3.S.The CD7 for data center application positioning adopts the common 2.5-inch size, but adopts the new E3.S form.

The XD6, which is also used in the data center, is in the form of E1.S, and its size is similar to the general M.2 2280 SSD.

The AG1 in M.2 form factor is a wide temperature SSD built for small server equipment.

In addition, the exhibition area also displayed ES2000, a 24-bays platform jointly promoted by KIOXIA and Hon Hai’s Ingrasys team. The mainstream PCIe Gen4 product CM6 in the market, and the SAS4 SSD PM7 that will debut in the second quarter of this year.

The ES2000 launched by Ingrasys, a subsidiary of Hon Hai, is a 2U size 24-bays all-flash memory storage server.

Debut consumer SSD product: EXCERIA series

In addition to the complete enterprise-level and customer-level products, KIOXIA also launched a consumer-level SSD product series in the Taiwan market for the first time this year, and the product types are quite diverse, including the PCIe Gen3 specification EXCERIA G2, EXCEREIA PLUS G2 and PCIe Gen4 EXCERIA PRO, It can meet users with different needs and budgets. The highest standard EXCERIA PRO has an access performance of up to 7300 MB/s, which is very suitable for gamers or content creators who value performance.

The consumer-grade SSD - EXCERIA series exhibited for the first time in Taiwan is also the focus of this year's KIOXIA exhibition area.  ▲ The picture above shows from right to left the PCIe Gen3 specification EXCERIA G2, EXCEREIA PLUS G2 and PCIe Gen4 EXCERIA PRO. The outer box is also matched with different bright colors for identification.The picture above shows from right to right the PCIe Gen3 specification EXCERIA G2, EXCEREIA PLUS G2 and PCIe Gen4 EXCERIA PRO. The outer box is also matched with different bright colors for identification.

For the three EXCERIA series SSDs, the labels on the front can also see the colors corresponding to different series of outer boxes.

In addition to the built-in products that meet the needs of DIY installations, KIOXIA also simultaneously launched the external SSD EXCERIA PLUS mobile solid state drive with compact size and excellent texture. It is easier to carry and more impact-resistant, and it will be the best weapon for business people or professional workers who often need to carry a lot of information.

The compact EXCERIA PLUS mobile solid state drive is an easy-to-carry, high-quality external SSD.

KIOXIA stands firm in the enterprise application market, and consumer-grade products will also bring more innovative products

From the content of KIOXIA’s exhibition area at COMPUTEX 2022 this year, it is not difficult to find that KIOXIA can be regarded as the industry leader in terms of technological innovation strength. In addition to being the inventor of NAND memory, it has also continuously promoted storage through innovative technologies for 35 years. related product upgrades.

As a storage solution manufacturer, KIOXIA hopes not only to preserve digital data through In addition, in addition to the well-known complete solutions for enterprise applications, KIOXIA also follows the market demand and gradually moves from the enterprise field to the general public. With a variety of choices, I believe that in the future, KIOXIA will have more refreshing and innovative products in the consumer market.

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