COMPUTEX 2022: Microsoft paints a new hybrid world experience with Windows 11

Microsoft delivered a keynote speech on “The New PC Generation and the Future of Windows 11 in a Hybrid World” at COMPUTEX 2022.Play a more important role than in the past in the new normal of life;Designed to meet the needs of a mixed world, Windows 11 not only adds many new features, but also focuses on inclusive design, with WIndows 365 cloud service and Pluton hardware security will make Windows 11 work for everyone, in every environment and every device,At the same time, it also opened a new era of PC applications in the post-epidemic hybrid world.Bring greater business opportunities to partners.

As hybrid becomes the new normal after the pandemic, Nicole Dezen, global vice president of Microsoft’s device partner business, defines hybrid for different scenarios such as work, study, and gaming. Dezen said that mixing is not just about flexibility in how and where to work,It allows us to think differently about meetings,Office space and how we collaborate. It also completely changed the way of learning,Keep students engaged and find new ways to teach. on the game,Hybrid has produced a new way of playing and interacting across multiple platforms,Hybrid means flexibility, customization and adaptability.

Windows 11 is considered a very important part of the development team in addition to inclusive product manufacturing.At this month’s Microsoft Ability Summit, Microsoft unveiled its new Inclusive Tech Lab,As a product development center, Microsoft collaborates with members of the disability community to design, test,Share and create products that are more inclusive and usable; Windows 11 is designed with security in mind,From booting up, logging into your account, to the apps you use every day, Microsoft provides everything from firmware,Software-to-hardware security protection mechanisms, covering security from chip to cloud, and gaining numerous OEM and wafer partner support.

Windows 365 has been on the market for a year. Panos Panay, executive vice president and chief product officer of Microsoft, shared that Windows 365 basically brings Windows to the cloud, making Windows available at any time.used on any device, called Cloud PC. Windows 365 features are available through a browser, and all applications, settings and data are securely stored in the Microsoft cloud,and stream to any device. Allow users to log in to W, no matter what device they are usingIndows 365, Cloud PC is right where the user left last.

Sun Jikang, general manager of Microsoft Taiwan, was invited to be a guest speaker at the COMPUTEX 2022 global press conference.Peng Shuanglang, Chairman of Taipei Computer Association, Lin Baili, Founder and President of Quanta Group,Que Zhike, President of Delta Research Institute, and Zeng Zhiguang, President of Arm Taiwan, discussed “Digital Resilience of the Global Technology Industry”. He pointed out,Whether enterprises can respond to this wave, build technological strength and embrace the cloud,And making good use of the opportunities provided by data will be the key to success in the post-pandemic era. With the gradual popularization of 5G and AIoT applications, and the acceleration of digital transformation by more enterprises,The digital layout will gradually change the operation and decision-making of enterprises, thereby strengthening the digital resilience,Turn challenges into opportunities.

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