COMPUTEX 2022 Physical Exhibition Returns After Two Years, Six Themes Open Digital Business Opportunities

COMPUTEX 2022 will be held from 24th to May 27th in Hall 1 of Nangang Exhibition Center. President Tsai Ing-wen, Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua,Huang Zhifang, Chairman of the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China,Peng Shuanglang, chairman of the Taipei Computer Association, and other important guests attended the opening ceremony to jointly kick off COMPUTEX 2022 and witness the vigorous development of digital new technologies.

President Tsai Ing-wen said: “COMPUTEX is an important trading platform for the global high-tech industry.Not only help local industry players to deepen international links and integrate with the global market,It also showed the strength of Taiwan’s information and communication industry to the world. future like artificial intelligence,The development of cutting-edge technologies such as quantum computers and cloud computing is highly dependent on chips.Therefore, we continue to assist Taiwan to take advantage of high-end hardware manufacturing,Introduce information and communication energy into more fields to make the overall economy more internationally competitive;And actively join hands with enterprises to fully promote the digital transformation of the industry,Let’s work together to build the next golden decade of Taiwan’s technology industry. “

Huang Zhifang, Chairman of the Foreign Trade Association, pointed out: “In the past 20 years, technology, as a common global language, has continued to empower the world and achieved important historical milestones;Even in the face of urgent challenges such as the epidemic and supply chain disruptions,We still create endless possibilities through technology. COMPUTEX’s mission has always been to provide the world’s leading technology exchange platform,This year, it will bring a brand-new and upgraded exhibition experience that goes hand in hand with reality and reality.Looking forward to sparking more technological innovations,Join hands with global technology manufacturers to embrace a better future. ”

Chairman Huang Zhifang of the Foreign Trade Association announced the return of the physical exhibition at the opening ceremony of COMPUTEX.

From the world’s leading ICT manufacturers, showcasing innovative technologies and solutions at COMPUTEX. Among them, GIGABYTE, with efficient computing power,Fully display the new future of applications including AI, 5G, edge computing, smart transportation and security, and e-sports entertainment;Delta Electronics focuses on sustainability issues, bringing industrial automation, data center infrastructure,Power management and cooling solutions in electric vehicle charging and other fields;Kioxia showcased its new XG8 customer-grade SSD series suitable for high-end laptops, desktops, and workstations; while the Times Foundation Entrepreneurship Incubation Center (Garage+) led 48 new startups, showing great achievements in AI, IoT, health care, Innovation strength in green technology and other fields.

Economy Minister Wang Meihua pledged that the Ministry of Economy will continue its efforts to increase Taiwan's visibility in global supply chains.

COMPUTEX 2022 An overview of the global technology industry ecosystem

COMPUTEX 2022 features “Intelligence Driven”, “Infinite Experience”, “Digital Resilience”, “Creative Computing”, “The six themes of “Innovation and New Creation” and “Green Energy Sustainability”, together with the COMPUTEX DigitalGO online exhibition (from now to June 6), use multiple channels to build an international exchange platform,It fully presents the forward-looking development of the global technology industry ecosystem.

COMPUTEX 2022 Physical Exhibition Returns After Two Years, Six Themes Open Digital Business Opportunities

In addition to the rich exhibition content, a number of keynote speeches and forums will be held simultaneously during the exhibition. The CEO Keynotes planned by COMPUTEX this year will be led by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), NXP (NXP)Micron Technology and Supermicro,From the perspective of technology, share the latest corporate vision. In addition, 2 Microsoft (Microosoft) and NVIDIA (NVIDIA) keynote speech, COMPUTEX YouTube is live online all the way, and the exciting content is not to be missed.

On May 26, COMPUTEX Forum held 3 sessions in Zone J, 1st Floor, Hall 1, Nangang Exhibition Center. The first session in the morning was titled “Technology Empowerment, Building an Industrial Ecological Chain”.Invited Texas Instruments, Ericsson,NXP, NVIDIA and Micron Technology participated in the grand event.Explore how global technology giants find partners, pursue new technologies and embrace change.

In the second session in the afternoon, Delta Electronics shared “Net-Zero Carbon Emissions, Building a Green Energy Technology Island”,Decrypt how companies can make good use of digital technology to achieve sustainable operations and meet the 2050 net zero carbon emission goal. And the third session is “Innovating the normal, realizing the future scene”As the theme, by HTC (HTC), IBM, Dassault system (Dassault System) and Nokia Taiwan (Nokia Taiwan) and other major manufacturers, with the Metaverse as the topic,Demonstrate how enterprises actively deploy smart life and successfully reshape the working model.

In addition, this year’s specially set up “In-Exhibition Live Room”, as the official news channel of COMPUTEX 2022, provides visitors with the most immediate and complete series of event reports during the exhibition.An exclusive interview with financial expert Gu Yuehan; and the “theme tour” in the venue is a highlight.Ruan Muhua, a general manager expert, Dr. Qu Jianzhong, a technology expert, Xiao Xiong, a well-known e-sports host,Internet celebrity Yuen, Mona and other industry opinion leaders,Personally explain the highlights of this year’s exhibition and lead fans to visit the booth,Bringing different new technological discoveries. At the same time, the media from Embedded Computing Design in the United States, Denpa Shimbun in Japan, and IT Chosun in South Korea watched COMPUTEX, showing Taiwan’s scientific and technological strength to the world again!

COMPUTEX 2022 is now on display in Hall 1 of Nangang Exhibition Hall. Besides the wonderful and rich technology trend sharingindustrial application display and interesting and interactive live broadcast room and theme tour,Also set up six themed photo booths to complete the photo and uploader,That is, there is a chance to get the exclusive NFT of the limited edition COMPUTEX 2022 presented by the organizer. COMPUTEX 2022 has a wide variety of activities, which are exciting and not to be missed!

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