Countries with Omicron Variant

Countries with Omicron Variant: A new variant of the coronavirus found in South Africa, Omicron, has grown all over the world, there are many countries that have been affected by this virus. Regarding this virus, the government of every country has issued a new guideline, the government is more concerned about the flights coming to South Africa.

This virus of Covid 19 was first found in South Africa, after that it slowly started spreading all over the world. This new variant has been found in more than 1000 people of South Africa, many people are very scared about this variant.

At present, there are many countries that have stopped people from traveling from their country to come to South Africa. Because traveling can increase the risk of Omicron growing inside the country.

Countries with Omicron Variant

List Of Countries with Omicron Variant

Apart from South Africa, there are many other countries that have come under the grip of this Omicron new variant. There are some counties in this, which you will get information about below.

1. Australia

The Australian Health Department has detected this Omicron virus in two patients from Sydney. This both had come to Australia from South Africa via Qatar Airways flight Via Doha.

Apart from this, 12 other passengers came on the same flight, they were tested, they are not positive but they have been kept in Quarantine for a few days.

2. Italy

According to the Italian news agency report, this Omicron variant has been seen in five family members who came from Mozambique, in this member they are school-ahead children.

3. Germany

This new Omicron variant has also been seen in Germany and it has been found positive in two passengers coming from South Africa.

4. the Netherlands

Dutch health authorities have confirmed that 61 passengers from South Africa have tested positive for Covid-19. Whether it is suffering from Omicron virus or not has not been confirmed yet.

5. Britain

Two cases of Omicron have also been found in the United Kingdom, they also came from South Africa.

6. Israel

Omicron virus has also been found in a patent in Israel, it has been named “B.1.1529”.

7. Hong Kong

A case of the new coronavirus variant has also been found in Hong Kong.

9. Belgium

Belgium has also detected one case of the new Omicron variant yesterday.

So far, India has not reported any case of the Omicron variant. Yesterday, two south African nationals were tested positive in Karnataka. 

10. Switzerland

The first probable case of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has been detected in Switzerland on Monday.

11. Canada

Canada on Monday confirmed the country’s first two cases of omicron COVID-19 variant among two people who had recently visited Nigeria.

There are many other countries that may have been hit by this Omicron virus but the official disclosure has not been made yet. Further, we will tell the information of more countries in this post.

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