Cuphead The Delicious Last Course features as much animation as the original game

When it came out, Cuphead was a great surprise. Although reserved for an informed public, the MDHR studio title offered us a unique run & gun proposal in the video game landscape. And this, we owe it in particular to its fantastic artistic direction, entirely drawn and animated by hand. A pharaonic amount of work that the studio has simply renewed for its DLC: The Delicious Last Course.

Obviously this is the main signature of Cuphead. This inimitable style, inspired by the Disney of the 30s, gives a recognizable touch to the studio’s production. However, it would have been easy to use for this DLC all the assets already created in the original game. But this is not the case. Rather than simplicity, the developers, the artists of MDHR have decided to start over with coal. Results ? They made as many images and animation in this DLC as in the game released in 2018.

We really wanted to experiment with this art form… I don’t have an inventory or frame count yet, but it’s comparable to the entire main game in this single DLC. […] With the additional animation frames, we went from a more basic, early 30s style [de Disney], to something closer to Fantasia. I say that in a broad sense, it’s not the quality of Fantasia at all, but it’s something we strive for, something we aspire to”

Maja Moldenhauer- Founder of Studio MDHR

News and surprises

During the same interview conducted at IGN, the director of the studio specifies the work carried out. If it was initially necessary to create a new character and five new bosses, the ideas quickly flowed. The developers thus went to the end of their ideas and simply experimented with things. In particular by offering more details and animations to the decorations!

One of the things we’re known for is boss transformations. One thing we’ve done this time around is location makeovers. In the Mortimer Freeze boss fight you’ll see, he’s not in the same arena the whole fight. Each phase takes you to a new location, which means a lot more watercolor background paints.

Finally, if technically the game has made a leap forward, this is also the case at the sound level. The compositions are always signed by Kriss Maddigan who, this time, surrounded himself with more than 110 musicians. Previously, the soundtrack of Cuphead was recorded with the participation of 65 musicians. A qualitative leap that should delight our ears!

We now have to discover this DLC from June 30 and appreciate the work of the MDHR studio. Something tells us that the experience could once again be particularly striking and enjoyable!

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