Deliver Us the Moon: Xbox Series version arrives today

Thanks to its atmosphere as oppressive as it is intriguing, Deliver Us the Moon has conquered the hearts of many players who have tried it. If the experience was already of high quality, it is today that the remastered version for Xbox Series X|S comes to the fore.

For the occasion, KeokeN Interactive has been able to add interesting features to offer a slight facelift to its title. We are therefore entitled to 4H with HDR in order to maximize image quality on today’s screens. A welcome addition as the cinematographic component of the adventure lends itself to this kind of rendering. With the same idea, the general appearance has been reworked, which will allow us to be even more amazed by the environments that we will explore. Particle effects, light and other features specific to next-generation machines are also on the agenda.

Xbox Series version of Deliver Us the MoonAnd if you thought hoping for free for owners of the Xbox One version was like asking for the moon, you’re going to be pleasantly disappointed. In effect, Deliver Us the Moon is Smart Delivery compatible and this new version amounts to a next-gen upgrade at no additional cost. And if you reserved the surprise of the journey for this new edition, you can get it on the Xbox Store.

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