Destroy All Humans! : a future multiplayer episode?

With a return in 2020, Destroy All Humans! has been able to introduce many players to the pleasures of destroying a planet when you are an alien. Nevertheless, this enriching experience could until now only be experienced on your own… But it looks like the future is multiplayeraccording to a new list of achievements reported by TrueAchievements!

This is how we discover missions that will ask us to complete 100 games online or to eliminate another player with a chicken. This leaves no doubt as to the future possibility of hitting each other between invaders during cosmic contests! However, in what context will this possibility appear? For the time being, no official information has reached us… We do know, however, that a remake of the second episode, called Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobedis currently in preparation. Are these successes listed in order to be integrated into this next opus? Without any certainty, the possibility is however perfectly credible…

The time to find out more, it is possible to take advantage of Destroy All Humans! thanks to the Xbox and PC Game Pass in order to introduce you to this exciting hobby what is the handling of laser and explosives…

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