Diablo Immortal, Which Has The Lowest User Score In Metacritic History, Earned Over $24 Million In 2 Weeks

WTF? ! You might expect the game with the lowest Metacritic user score in history to be a commercial flop that didn’t make any money, but Diablo Immortal proved that’s not because something is hated that he fails. The mobile-focused, microtransaction-focused title generated over $24 million in revenue in its first two weeks and was downloaded over 8 million times.

The information comes from industry-tracking website AppMagic, tracked by PCJeuxN, which shows the game attracted 8.5 million downloads, not including the PC version, within two weeks of its June 2 launch. It also grossed $24.3 million during that time.

That figure makes Diablo Immortal Blizzard the second-highest earner on mobile, beaten only by Hearthstone and the $5 million+ card game it made last month.


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Some other interesting stats include the revenue split between Android and Apple users. The numbers are pretty close, with App Store’s money being slightly higher ($13 million) than Google Play’s ($11.3 million). Cumulative ARPU, or average revenue per user, for the first two weeks was $3.12. But it looks like iPad owners are willing to spend more; the tablet’s ARPU was $6.67.

The United States was responsible for most downloads and revenue, accounting for 26% and 43% of the global share, respectively. South Korea was second, generating 23% of all revenue, while Japan was third with 8%.

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The stats would be impressive for any game, but they’re even more remarkable when you consider that the PC version of Diablo Immortal has a user score of 0.3 on Metacritic. This puts it at number 12,468 in the site’s user reviews ranking, the absolute lowest position.

As most people know, Diablo Immortal is a pretty good mobile game ruined by what is one of the most aggressive monetization pushes ever, hence all the hate. It was recently discovered that fully upgrading your character would cost over $110,000.

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