Dragon Ball: which character is the most powerful? Akira Toriyama surprises with his answer

Akira Toriyama, the famous mangaka author of works as influential as Dragon Ball or Dr. Slump -in addition to creating character designs for Dragon Quest video games-, revealed which character, according to him, is the most powerful in the Dragon Ball Universe. That’s how a recent interview on the franchise’s official page picks up on the occasion of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes movie premiere, where he also revealed who his favorite Dragon Ball character is, with a answer that surely little expected. But back to the most powerful character in the series: Son Gohan.

Gohan is the most powerful character in Dragon Ball

Thus, Toriyama himself has assured that Son Gohan, the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, is the most powerful character in all of Dragon Ball, while ensuring that he has not had the opportunity to demonstrate all his power for a long time: “Gohan, he is actually more powerful than anyone… Or so they say. Lately, he hasn’t had too many opportunities to shine. To motivate him, it takes his admirable master Piccolo instead of his father Goku,” Toriyama said.

Remember that Gohan has always had hidden potential that he only brings out at key moments. Already in his intensive training with Piccolo as a child, he proved to be a diamond in the rough when it comes to power; though it wasn’t in the final fight against Célula when he exploded in rage and pain and sent the villain into the otherworld in his infamous martial arts tournament. After these events, Gohan adopted a much calmer lifestyle focused on studies until the threat of Majin Buu, where he once again unleashed his hidden power.

In more recent Dragon Ball Super arcs, Gohan helped repel Frieza’s attacks after his resurrection and served as one of his universe’s representatives in the Tournament of Power held by the gods. Gohan is expected to have a big presence in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie alongside Piccolo.

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