Dragon’s Dogma reaches the highest number of simultaneous players in 6 years

Dragon’s Dogma is having a new surge in players, as the game has reached a new maximum number of simultaneous players of 6,582 in the last 24 hours.

This is the highest number the game has reached since January 2016, which was over six years ago.

How was it detected? Benji Sales and Steam DB, Dragon’s Dogma even managed to return to the top 50 most popular games on Steam for sales and pre-orders thanks in part to a substantial 84% discount on that market.

This version is for the Dark Arisen edition of Dragon’s Dogma, which includes expansion content and various in-game tweaks.

This rise in popularity is also likely due to Capcom ad Dragon’s Dogma 2 last week during the 10th anniversary of the original game.

According to director Hideaki Itsuno and capcom, the game is in development and will run on the RE Engine of the company, which has been used for the remakes of resident Evil, Devil May Cry 5 and the next Street Fighter 6.

Daigo Ikeno and Kenichi Suzuki, who worked on the first Dragon’s Dogma, returned for the sequel, and Capcom added that the developers “are excited to share more details in the future.”

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