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EK Water Blocks, or simply EKWB or EK, is arguably the best known of several companies dedicated to the DIY PC water cooling market. It’s been around for over 15 years and has seen the rise and fall of many other brands along the way while branching out into other market segments including the professional server space, pre-built systems and even B2B work with co-branded motherboards and GPUs. plus other partners outside of the PC space entirely – think cooling for self-driving cars, for example. I’ve also seen the EK team change a lot over the years, with many projects not coming to fruition and others even arriving as a pleasant surprise for you. The company’s design language has also evolved continuously since I started looking at DIY water cooling components, but there was one thing missing until today as there has been no design. EK Radiators Review on TechPowerUp! Surely it’s time to rectify that?



EK’s previous line of radiators was called EK-Coolstream and was available in SE, PE and XE series for slim, performance and Xtreme. I had covered all three in their larger sizes elsewhere and was the one to test EK’s short-lived venture into the 180mm fan and radiator segment as well. The 140mm fan sizes had a separate Coolstream CE line, but that’s beyond the scope of this article. The Coolstream XE was the most impressive of the five offering excellent thermal performance from medium to high airflow and very good scaling for those who wanted as much cooling as possible at the expense of noise. . It was especially handy in a case with a single heatsink slot, so I was curious to see what the updated version – the EK-Quantum Surface X360M – offers in 2022. I have several heatsink reviews EK coming soon, including the slimmer EK-Quantum Surface S360 being covered alongside, and also thanks to EKWB for providing a review sample of the EK-Quantum Surface X360M to TechPowerUp!


EK-Quantum Surface X360M Radiator
Color: Black or white frame with silver end caps, all-black versions planned
Material: Copper fins, brass tubes/tank/fittings, steel side plates, aluminum cover plates
Radiator size: 3x 120mm
Dimensions: 405(L) x 130(W) x 58(H)mm
Fan compatibility: 120mm square frame
Fin type: Copper with paint coat, 18 FPI serpentine and non-louver type fins
Ports: 5, G1/4″ BSP thread
Screw type: M4 thread
Guarantee: Two years

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