Epson launches LW-610 milk tea color bluetooth tag machine, beautiful appearance, clearer storage label

Epson recently launched the LW-C610 milk tea color bluetooth labeling machine in Taiwan, with the new Label Editor Mobile app, which makes the operation more intuitive, and users can apply labels more widely in their daily life.

Epson invited well-known Japanese designer Shibata Wenjiang to work on the new product. With a minimalist appearance and a soft and fashionable milk tea apricot color, the body can be integrated into home furnishings like an ornament. If you want to go out, Epson LW-C610 The main body of the mainframe is only 470 grams, and the lightweight and square appearance is also convenient to carry around.

In addition to the convenient mobile printing function, the LW-C610 is equipped with the highest resolution of 360dpi in Epson labeling machines, and uses thermal transfer technology to bring users undistorted and burr-free label printing products. Simultaneously supports more than 100 models 6~24mm label tapes of different widths and materials, various styles can be selected and used according to user needs and preferences.

Epson has also collaborated with Line’s popular sticker characters “Lazy Rabbit and Mr. Chirp” to launch Taiwan’s exclusive time-limited picture frame on Label Editor Mobile. The diverse materials allow users to be creative and create their own unique labels.

The Epson LW-C610 labeling machine can be used with the Label Editor Mobile Bluetooth connection. It can be used for home storage and item labeling, as well as for hand-made design and business applications. The newly launched Label Editor Mobile brings you all the The feeling is upgraded to provide users with more creative flexibility with a simple operation interface that conforms to the habits of mobile phone users.

Multiple choices are also added to the fonts. In addition to the built-in fonts of the mobile phone, users can also use third-party fonts. In addition, the APP has 70 built-in frames and up to 811 symbols or patterns. Enter the function, creatively create personal patterns, and can be matched with a variety of self-selected options to make the label content more lively and lively. Business users can complete various asset labels, barcodes or serial labels in the APP, and easily perform office labeling applications. Increase work efficiency.

Epson launches LW-610 milk tea color bluetooth tag machine, beautiful appearance, clearer storage label

The LW-C610 is priced at 3,490 yuan. From 6/23 to 6/29, you can purchase the host from the online shopping channel (Myepson/momo/PChome/Shopee) and purchase three additional rolls of label tape, which is a gift of texture.

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