Fall Guys invites you to participate in its season 1 tomorrow. Free-to-play, cross-play, cross-save. Go!

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital do not intend to leave their champion of the moment on the sidelines for long and communicate at all costs by highlighting their main argument: Free-to-all. Reflecting both the principle of the game and the new economic model of the title, Fall Guys is about to break free on all available machines. Attention, season 1 starts tomorrow.

Announced on May 16 as becoming free on the occasion of the launch of its first official season and available at the same time on June 21 on Xbox, Fall Guys will be long overdue on Microsoft machines. The wait is coming to an end since it’s tomorrow that you can finally get your hands on it if you haven’t tried it on another platform yet.

Your progress will follow you thanks to the cross-save feature and you will be able to play competitively and cooperatively with all the players present via cross-play. No cleavage and may the best win! The game is already available for pre-download on the Xbox Store or via the mobile application.

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