Fans have voted, this is the worst Final Fantasy in video game history

Final Fantasy, a legendary video game saga and one of the fans’ favorite licenses. It has almost only quality episodes. But the players are still fairly unanimous in designating the worst episode of the series.

A bad Final Fantasy, is it really possible?

“What is your favorite Final Fantasy? “. A question that can lead to hours of discussion if you ask it to fans you meet at Paris Games Week or Japan Expo, for example. Everyone will go from their arguments to defend their heart FF. The series has so many episodes, each one more qualitative than the other, that it is impossible to objectively define which is the best Final Fantasy of all time.

On the other hand, even if it always remains subjective, the fans are unanimous in designating the worst Final Fantasy of all time. Do you know what game we are going to talk about? Little clue, it’s a sequel, which only sold a little over a million copies.

Lightning Returns, the Final Fantasy XIII too many

Thanks to Metacritic ratings, THE benchmark for video game ratings, it is possible to determine which Final Fantasy is the worst according to fans. User ratings are rarely tender. Just look at the reviews for the title considered the worst available on PS4. Fortunately, the “less good” Final Fantasy does not fall so low.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is considered the lowest quality FF by fans. Its rating is only 6.1, far from the 8.9 of Final Fantasy VII and X or the 8.7 of Final Fantasy VI. After a widely decried Final Fantasy XIII and a Final Fantasy XIII-2 considered better, but not enough to reconcile fans with the series, Square Enix is ​​once again trying to bet on a sequel.

The episode too many for many players, who do not even consider the game as a real FF. Not very engaging story, fights with Lightning as the only character (despite the qualities of the system), timed adventure to get to the end… Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is perhaps even more disappointing than Final Fantasy XIII. What explain his score of 6.1, the lowest for a numbered FF. An assessment that would be honorable if we weren’t talking about an episode of Final Fantasy, whose community still expects excellence. Hopefully Final Fantasy XVI isn’t a cold shower as well.

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