Far EasTone launched the “Jinhaoxue” learning tablet plan, with a gift of 8,580 yuan for learning

Far EasTone is launching the “Jin Hao Xue” learning tablet solution from now! With the newly upgraded Samsung 10.4-inch large tablet Samsung Tab S6 Lite (Wi-Fi version), you can easily have the four treasures of distance learning! .

From now on, Far EasTone will launch the “Jin Hao Xue” learning tablet solution. With the newly upgraded Samsung 10.4-inch large tablet Samsung Tab S6 Lite (Wi-Fi version), you can easily have the four treasures of distance learning! Including all-you-can-eat mobile Internet access, S Pen, keyboard holster that transforms into a small laptop, and an exclusive Ai Xueba digital learning account for 3 months.

Yuanchuan’s “Jin Haoxue” learning tablet, the first wave of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with S Pen (WiFi version), a limited additional keyboard leather case worth 2,090 yuan before the end of July, and the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with an ultra-narrow 10.4-inch bezel The large screen and S Pen low-latency strokes simulate a real and comfortable handwriting experience, plus support for real-time handwriting recognition, which can be instantly converted into text, making the operation more flexible. It also supports local color changing, zooming, and moving. It needs to be arranged or marked in one stroke, and then install the keyboard leather case to instantly transform into a small Android notebook! And when watching the teaching video, you can also turn on the Samsung Notes “Voice Synchronized Notes” function, you can copy notes while recording, review the notes at any time, and keep up with the notes no matter how fast the lecture is, and you can also import multiple PDFs into the notes to browse. Or note, and sync across devices. When you need to browse web pages at the same time, you can also use the multi-window function to start multi-tasking.

In addition, Yuanchuan’s “Jinhaoxue” learning tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes with S Pen (WiFi version), and before the end of July, you can get an exclusive 3-month experience account of the Ai Xueba digital learning online course with a market price of 6,490 yuan, including horizontal There are seven subject question banks from international elementary to high school. There are suitable courses for students of different ages from elementary to high school. A total of 7 major subjects are available for trial, including elementary school gifted mathematics, high-frequency common test words, and national English. The course also includes HD high-definition teaching videos recorded by famous teachers, and exquisite lectures written in person, condensing the key essence, which can be watched repeatedly to deepen memory; the platform also has the largest cloud question bank in Taiwan, which provides practice at any time, and the learning effect is more doubled. If you don’t understand something, you can ask questions immediately through the system.

Yuan Chuan’s “Jinhaoxue” learning tablet is suitable for all kinds of learning and Internet needs. Students who have serious needs for mobile Internet can pay 699 yuan per month for 4G (36 months), and the learning tablet project price is only 2,490 yuan; Internet access and calls are required. For students, it is recommended to choose a monthly payment of 999 yuan for 5G (36 months), and take home a tablet of 0 yuan. If you want to start with a low monthly rental fee, you only need to surf the Internet lightly, you can choose to pay 299 yuan a month (36 months), and the project price is only 6,490 yuan.

Samsung Tab S6 Lite remote transmission tablet plan tariff table

Tablet tariff

4G 299

4G 699

5G 999

5G 1399

monthly fee





Samsung Tab S6 Lite (WiFiVersion)

24 months





30 months





36 months





Offer of the month

ü Free keyboard leather case (suggested price $2,090)

ü Exclusive free Ai Xueba digital learning account for 3 months (market price $6,490)

internet speed



Local Internet Transmission Volume(GB)


4G Internet all you can eat


All you can eat online

After the transfer volume is exceeded

4G high-speed all-you-can-eat

Hot spot to shareTransmission volume

Combined with Internet traffic

Combined with Internet traffic

Combined with Internet traffic


Slow down to 10Mbps​​

In-network voice



Free within the network

Off-net voice



120 minutes

220 minutes

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