Final Fantasy 16 reveals its release date and the return of epic gameplay mechanics

Jason Filankembo

Finally ! After a year and a half of absence, Final Fantasy 16 has decided to show itself during the State of Play broadcast this Thursday, June 2. The JRPG promises a grand adventure and above all reveals its release date.

Final Fantasy XVI finally reveals its release date

Have you been waiting a while for Final Fantasy XVI to talk about him again? Kudos for your patience. Since September 2020 and a sublime trailer released during the PlayStation 5 Showcase, Final Fantasy XVI had completely disappeared from the radar. The only information to get your teeth into: a few statements here and there from Naoki Yoshida aimed at reassuring fans about the progress of the game.

But the wait ended on the night of Thursday June 2 to Friday June 3: Final Fantasy XVI was unveiled at length in a trailer. Above all, we finally know the release date of the game! It will be necessary to wait a little while before enjoying the JRPG, which already promises to be memorable.

Final Fantasy XVI revealed, the spectacular fights already bluff us

A few hours before the State of Play, an update to the official Final Fantasy XVI page gave hope that the game would be present during the event. This was the case at the end of the State of Play. After a few words from producer Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy XVI unfolded for three minutes. The opportunity to discover new characters and above all, an incredibly dynamic gameplay. The game seems to break away from the origins of the saga with combat without allies to help us, at least at first glance. Healing items, skills and magic, historical mechanics of the series, are included.

Highlight: clashes between deities, as in Final Fantasy X, are making a comeback! A few seconds of fights that dazzled the players. With life bars at the top of the screen that undeniably refer to fighting games. Ifrit, Shiva and other Bahamut look even grander than ever. The deities will be at the heart of the story of this new opus. The population of Valisthéa seems terrified by these monsters, which visibly cause enormous collateral damage. Final Fantasy XVI will be released in the summer of 2023. It will therefore be necessary to show a little more patience to get your hands on the game. For all the information on it, go to its official website.

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