Final Fantasy 16 tries to explore more adult and complex themes

Final Fantasy XVI is the first video game in the numbered saga to receive the Mature classification (not recommended for those under 17) in the United States. In an interview with Gamespot, producer Naoki Yoshida justified this decision and explained that the intention is not to create a violent video game for the mere fact of being one, but rather that they tried to dive into more mature and complex themes. that the story demanded.

“When you’re trying to tell a story with complex adult themes, those notes can end up getting in the way,” Yoshida admitted. “You end up changing things based on that. You want to show something, but because of the grade you need to get, you pull the camera away. And that ends up turning the experience into something less expensive.”

However, on this occasion, the Square Enix team preferred to ensure that they could tell the plot without these constraints. “We have decided to get the Mature rating in almost all regions where we will release the game. However, it is not only because we just want to make the game more violent or more explicit, but because we believe that It is necessary to explore these adult themes that the title addresses. »

Other games with this rating

Apart from the numbered series, there are two other video games that have achieved this rating in the past. The first of these is Final Fantasy Type-0, a title directed by Hajime Tabata (the director of the fifteenth installment), which was initially released on PSP, although it later received a remastering on PS4, Xbox One and PC . The second is the recent Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, the Souls-like video game developed by Team Ninja.

Final Fantasy XVI will go on sale in summer 2023 exclusively on PS5. The game will not be open world, although it will introduce a section inspired by titles of this style. On the other hand, Naoki Yoshida himself revealed that the protagonist will enjoy the company of allies in battle, but these will be handled by the game’s AI.

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