Final Fantasy XV | 5 keys to the JRPG everyone’s been waiting for

Says Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI, that the trailer for the video game is ready and about to be released. The Japanese developer offered some new insight into the creative process and confirmed that it’s already in the final stages of development, though the studio is working hard to iron out any rough edges and iron out bugs. The expectation is very high, so studio Square Enix preferred to keep a low profile, meaning they don’t want to generate false expectations.

The general story and character information describes a story for adults (it was previously rated +18), which, as usual, presents a fantasy world plunged into the spiral of war. For the moment, the developer has only shared a tiny part of what she is preparing, even if it seems that she will soon discover new things. In the meantime, we select a few points to consider:

  • From the creators of Final Fantasy XIV
  • History: the delicate balance between peace and war
  • Real-time battle system
  • The incident with the Ifrit
  • Only in the new generation

1. From the creators of Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy saga has had some problems over the past few years. Final Fantasy XIII generated a lot of controversy and Final Fantasy Versus XIII ended up in the canceled video game drawer, although it was later resurrected as Final Fantasy XV. The fifteenth installment isn’t among the highest rated, but director Hajime Tabata and his team did a pretty good job of putting the pieces of the Versus XIII puzzle together. Anyway, the most successful title is undoubtedly Final Fantasy XIV, one of the best MMORPGs on the market.

One of the reasons to be optimistic about Final Fantasy XVI is that the team responsible is the same as the fourteenth episode. Naoki Yoshida, head of the MMO, acts as producer on this occasion. The address is provided by Hiroshi Takai, who also performed executive duties on some content for the multiplayer title.

2. History: the delicate balance between peace and war

Since its inception, crystals have always been of primary importance in Final Fantasy. The new production continues in this vein and presents a society dependent on the Mother Crystals, objects of veneration throughout the world of Valisthea. His blessing shines on all nations, giving them the power of magic. All that splendor is about to lose its light, for the powers have coexisted in a delicate balance of peace, now about to break. When the Stygian lands arrive, relations between the powers become strained and war knocks at the door.

3. Action-oriented combat system

Square Enix has long experimented with action-focused systems, though it’s generally opted for hybrid systems that don’t completely abandon classic controls and turns. Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake have both traveled more into the realm of action than into the realm of turns, but with the sixteenth installment the step is even firmer. According to statements and what was seen in the first trailer, Final Fantasy XVI will be a role-playing game with an action-oriented combat system. As if it were a Devil May Cry, the title captures fast fights, where combos, elemental magic and powerful invocations combine.

Final Fantasy 16

4. The incident with the Ifrit

The developers are jealous of the details, but part of the development of the protagonists will be directly linked to a great tragedy: Ifrit, a dark eikon, is wreaking havoc and destroying everything around him. Brothers Clive Rosefield and Joshua Rosefield are witnesses to this whole massacre, so they will have to live with the weight of this incident. Everyone thought Clive would inherit the power to summon the eikon, but it was his kind and shy little brother who gained the power to channel the abilities of these higher beings.

Final Fantasy 16

5. Only in the new generation

Final Fantasy XVI does not yet have a confirmed release date, but it has been certified that it will not be released on PS4 and Xbox One. At the moment, Sony Interactive Entertainment has obtained a temporary exclusivity on PlayStation 5, but Square Enix has clarified that it may be released soon on other platforms. What seems clear, unless plans change, is that it won’t be an intergenerational experience. Even so, most reviews have focused on the graphics aspect of the video game. It is not yet known whether it will use the Luminous Engine, Square Enix’s graphics engine (like Forspoken) or the Unreal Engine, a technology used in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts IV.

While we wait for news, here’s everything we know about Final Fantasy XVI so far.

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