Find out the first information on the return of Hunter x Hunter

It’s almost official, the Hunter x Hunter manga will resume in the next few weeks. Yoshihiro Togashi back, we explain the first information.

The return of Hunter x Hunter

After 4 years away, Hunter x Hunter will finally be back. The manga that sold nearly 80 million copies and who was one of the most popular Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump will very resurface, much to the delight of fans. It had however become a running gag to say each year that the manga was going to resume.

But this time, the recovery seems to be inevitable. If the anime stopped after season 6 and the arc to save Gon and elect the new leader of the Hunters, the manga continued its course, with a fairly slow pace. The author’s health concerns forced Yoshihiro Togashi abruptly stopped his work in 2018, when the arc of the hidden continent was at its peak.

A mysterious twitter account

It’s on social media Twitter that the craze took, this Tuesday, May 24, 2022. A mysterious user posting snapshots of his drawings, suggesting a sequel for Hunter x Hunter literally set the internet on fire. Very quickly, fans recognized Yoshihiro Togashi’s writing and drawing style. But it was when Yusuke Murata, the creator of One-PunchMan as well as a big fan and friend of the creator of Hunter x Hunter followed the account, liked then commented on the post, that everything cleared up.

The Shueisha has also confirmed that this Twitter account did indeed belong to the person who created the adventures of Gon, Killua or Hisoka. If for the moment no information is known concerning the resumption of the manga or the anime, there is no doubt that the legendary work is finally back.

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