First gameplay trailer for I, The Inquisitor!

No, Jesus is not dead! He freed himself from his cross and unleashed his wrath on all unbelievers! This is the context depicted in I, The Inquisitorthe next game from the Poles of The Dust and whose today we can enjoy a first gameplay trailer.

Based on the fantasy novels of Polish author, Jacek Piekara, the plot of this dark, narrative action-adventure title set in an alternate 16th century. The Church has chosen to follow the desires of revenge of its guide and fanatical Inquisitors intend to share the good word in a muscular way throughout Europe. You will embody one of them, by the name of Mordimer Madderdin, and will have to bring some order to the midst of the crimes and sins committed by the population. But that’s without counting on an even more frightening evil that seems to want to take over the world of the living…

To do this, you will need to be on the lookout for every lead and meticulously solve the mysteries that will oppose you in this epic with a scenario with multiple branches. Once the villains have been identified, you will have the heavy responsibility of deciding on their punishment or granting them absolution. While you will be invested with extended rights in terms of interrogations, the hard way can go as far as sword fights when necessary. Your ability to pass into the other world will also be a great help in seeing what no one else can perceive, leading you to discover frightening things in the making…

I, The Inquisitor - CathedralAnnounced on Xbox Series X | S, no date has nevertheless been communicated. But there is no doubt that we will learn more in the coming months

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