Forspoken will be +18: swearing, alcohol and topics like suicide

PEGI, the European video game content rating system, has already given its verdict on Forspoken, one of Square Enix’s big projects for 2022. And despite its colorful and beautiful universe, the game seems a little darker than we didn’t think so. The agency calls the title “adults only and not suitable for those under 18” due to the use of slurs and swear words in its language as well as “strong references to suicide”.

Here is PEGI’s description of the game’s plot: “Forspoken is an action-adventure RPG in which a young woman who has lost everything is transported from New York to a magical kingdom. She must save the people of this beautiful but cruel land, find her true purpose in life, and return home.

And it was the particular moment that raised Forspoken’s age rating (contains slight spoilers): “In one particular scene, a desperate woman looks over a ledge while drinking alcohol and wonders if the world would be better off without her. He is saved by a mystical presence, but is later told by various villains that she should have killed herself. The game also uses strong language with terms like “fuck”.

Forspoken, exclusive to PS5

The game is the first project from the developers of Final Fantasy XV, who have come together under a new studio: Luminous Productions. One of Forspoken’s main features can be deduced from its name: the use of the Luminous Engine, Square Enix’s graphics engine for the next generation. In this case, only the PS5 will take care of putting it to the test, since the title is exclusive to Sony consoles, even if it will also be available on PC when it arrives in stores on October 11, 2022.

Forspoken is one of Square Enix’s biggest releases of the year, but not the only one. The company has several surprises up its sleeve, since this 2022 is the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy. The well-known saga will celebrate its anniversary on December 18 and from the company they have promised to prepare several announcements and surprises to celebrate it. All while Final Fantasy XVI continues its development at a good pace, although without a release date… Will this be one of the surprises Square Enix is ​​referring to?

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