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Fortnite’s XP system is a subject of debate every season. Chapter 3 Season 3 is no different, and many consider it even worse than normal. The problem is compounded when Epic Games offers such great rewards like the Darth Vader skin.

Vader is the skin of Page 10, and it’s the main reason players are so obsessed with the battle pass. Although it sometimes seems futile, they do everything they can to get more XP. It’s an uphill battle, but there are ways to make it a little easier.

Glitch King, Fortnite’s premier glitch finder, has found an XP glitch that can help users level up in no time.


Fortnite YouTuber Finds XP Problem For Massive Amounts Of XP In Chapter 3 Season 3

If there’s a glitch in the game, Glitch King will likely find it. Their YouTube channel is full of helpful and fun glitches that have popped up at different points in each season. Most of them are for XP because that’s what loopers are looking for the most.

This particular map can offer Fortnite players up to 500,000 XP, which will go a long way towards unlocking Darth Vader and the following Super Styles. The card code is 9496-3304-5859.

To begin, players should head to the edge of the map, where they will find an “XP Shop” button. This will take them to another room.

They can then collect coins by killing chickens, mining items, and doing other activities. Coins ultimately translate into XP.

There should also be an AFK XP button on the wall to the left. This should be enabled to maximize XP inflow for users.

Also, another XP button was inaccessible when the video was posted, but should be active now. It’s across the room from the AFK button. There is a sign above.

All of this will add a good chunk of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 XP, although it won’t come immediately.

When the video was posted, the map was “calibrating” so the XP wouldn’t show up at the time. This is no longer the case, so Fortnite loopers who take advantage of it shouldn’t have to wait very long to get the XP.

After making the glitches on this map, Glitch King walked away with over 500,000 XP from Chapter 3 Season 3. As of now, one level requires 80,000 XP. Level 100 requires players to collect 7,192,000 XP, so that 500,000 will help.

XP granted (Image via GKI on YouTube)
XP granted (Image via GKI on YouTube)

As always, it’s a hassle, and Epic doesn’t like players abusing XP glitches or Creative cards. They would prefer to play battle royale in general, so this can be removed or fixed at any time.

Interested users should head to the map and try to enjoy it while it’s active. Otherwise, it will be back to daily and weekly challenges for minimum XP this season.

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